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Xiao Review : Genshin Impact

Xiao Genshin Impact
Xiao Genshin Impact

When Adepti (aka God), Xiao was a genshin impact character who was born strong. Yaksha anemo aksha number and spear guns are very spear in battle. His unique ability is also one of the essential characters in “True God Impact”.

In the first week of its release I will review about where xiao, he said he from what aspects might be what DPS, support, defense, and synergy with other characters.

Xiao Genshin Impact
Xiao Genshin Impact

I will use units of letters from SS to F as the final value for all aspects. SS is the highest standard (also known as the “God” layer), S meta, A is good, B is standard, C is not good, D is not good, E is good, and finally F is the worst .

It should be noted that this review is purely my opinion after trying to broadcast it. Even so, we evaluate it as effectively as possible and have an explanation at every point. Therefore, if you have other comments, please share your comments in the comments section, we are very willing to discuss them.
No more wandering, let’s take a peek at the comment “Xiao” (Super Carry Genshin Impact) below.

DPS Capability: S+

Xiao has a huge attack potential, compared to other characters, his ATK average is highest. Surely this makes him destined to be the first DPS in the team. In addition, its secondary status is CRIT%, making it very easy to develop.

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In addition, Xiao’s attack speed is naturally very fast, and is supported by his elemental abilities, which makes him extremely deadly. In addition, Xiao’s sudden drop (jump attack) style from the element explosion allowed him to cause major damage in a very, very quick time.

The damage output will be excellent, especially if you manage to master iconic weapons, original emerald spears and suitable B5 artifacts. Its elemental burst attacks can also produce up to 20,000 damage per blow.

Although it was huge, I felt unable to fully enjoy Xiao’s damage due to my lack of response to the elements. Yes, Anemo elements increase elemental skills, and Burst attacks will only produce whirlpool reactions.

In other words, other than the CRIT effect or vortex damage effect of 60% of the four sets of Viridescent Venerer artifacts, the damage can no longer be expanded. You’ll also need to understand the mechanism for disbanding the Eon-Heaven Fall to increase the overall damage.

In addition, Xiao is the only Anemo character who cannot quickly replenish his energy through an explosion of elements. This means that without a good energy filler (such as Venti or sucrose), explosive power cannot be maximized. Therefore, you really need to charge the “battery” like the two characters mentioned earlier, or allow Jean to restore HP simultaneously.

Overall, Xiao’s limit is to launch attacks through element reactions, which prevents its potential to be maximized. Even so, without any response, the losses remain large. Therefore, it is also called as one of the most damaged carry in Genshin Impact.

Survival Ability: D

Contrary to Claymore users, Pearearm users have the lowest average DEF. In addition, Xiao also has a rather adventurous style of play, his elemental burst ability making him lose a little blood.

This makes Xiao one of the characters who relies heavily on physicians, such as Barbara, Qiqi or Jean, and other Anemo characters. You can also rely on characters that produce shields, such as Zhongli, Noelle, Diona, Beidou or Xinyan.

In addition, you must have good evasive skills so that he does not easily fall into battle. Fortunately, the Genshin Impact mechanism is very agile, which makes it difficult for enemies to get hurt.

Support Capabilities: D

As mentioned above, we say that Xiao is the most “selfish” character in Genshin Impact. This argument certainly doesn’t make sense. This is because Yaksha can only focus on one thing. Attack the enemy with his own hands and kill him.

Therefore, do not expect Xiao to support other roles. His support ability lies only in his passive talent that will reduce the resilience of the character while climbing. The vortex’s response to the element’s skill and explosive force cannot absorb other elements, such as Venty or Sucrose.

Exploration: A

Xiao’s ability made him very reliable in many battles. This character can easily master Abyss, moreover his Anemo element is very neutral to other elements.

In addition, due to his high running speed, he is also very useful in open world adventures. In addition, thanks to his basic skill or explosive power, he can easily jump high and reach high places.

Effectiveness in Co-op Mode: A

Due to its elements and the role of damage destroyer, Xiao is very easy to use in all fields. In addition, Anemo relies heavily on the cooperation of various elements in the team in order to get extra damage from the whirlpool effect.

In the domain in cooperative mode, Xiao is undoubtedly a very useful DPS for the team. In addition to inflicting damage to enemies, anemo elements obtained from element skills can also produce whirlpool effects, thereby expanding the effect of other elements on other team members.

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However, you have to re-remember the intermediate defense capability. Without a therapist, Xiao would probably die easily. In addition, he is a frontline character from the main DPS and will definitely be attacked first by the enemy.

Synergy with Other Characters: A

Undoubtedly, Anemo users are one of the criteria of a good team member. Unfortunately Xiao does not have synergies such as Venti or Sucrose, which can produce a more consistent vortex effect. Even so, Xiao can still use Anemo elements every time he uses the injection effect on the weapon in Elemental Burst.

To maximize Xiao’s vortex, other team members must have basic abilities in the middle of their range. Characters like Xiangling, Xingqiu, and Qiqi can make him shine.

In addition, the demands of the healing role also limit the flexibility of the competition team. In addition, the ability to react is limited, and you have to maximize synergy /combo with other characters. Surely if you have to face the enemy with various factors such as fatai hordes will be more difficult.

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