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Wukong Item and Rune – League of Legends : Wild Rift

Wukong Wild Rift
Wukong Wild Rift

Wukong is one of the newest Champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift with unique abilities. With dash and illusion abilities, he’s become one of the meta Champions for the Wild Rift at the moment. If mastered properly, this Champion has terrible potential. He can be used as a roamer tasked with kidnapping enemy Champions.

In addition, Wukong can also be used as a combat initiator thanks to dash and crowd control skills in the form of knock-ups. If you still lack, you can also rely on Wukong to be a flanker who is tasked with targeting ADC or Support during team fights.

Wukong Wild Rift
Wukong Wild Rift


Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Youmuu’s Ghostblade became the first offensive item to be purchased by Wukong. Because, the $3000 item can increase 50 Attack Damage and 10 Haste Ability which is very useful to support the performance of the Champion.

With the increase in Haste Ability, Wukong can use his skills with much more stable without having to fear losing momentum in doing combo-skills. Youmuu’s Ghostblade also has 10 Armor Penetrations that are useful enough to finish off Champions with low HP, such as Support.

The main reason Wukong had to buy Youmuu’s Ghostblade was because of its passive ability – Momentum that can increase the speed of motion. As a roamer, passive ability – Momentum will make it faster to move from one lane to another.

Even so, you still have to be careful, because Wukong has a very low level of defense at the beginning of the game.

Black Cleaver

As a melee champion who fights aggressively, Black Cleaver becomes a must-have core item for Wukong. Because, the item can provide increased durability, as well as an excellent offensive.

Black Cleaver can provide 350 HP, 30 Attack Damage, and 25 Haste Ability. The improvement of these attributes is quite large and will greatly help him to fight in the mid-game phase.

Black Cleaver also has passive abilities – Sunder and Rage. Passive ability – Sunder allows the Champion to defeat enemy Armor by 4%—24%. The reduction can be combined with passive skill – Crushing Blow from Wukong that can increase 3% additional damage.

On the other hand, the passive ability – Rage allows Wukong to gain additional speed of motion when initiating attacks. Thus, Wukong can easily catch up or exit the fight area.

Ionian Protobelt

The boots item suitable for Wukong is Ionian Protobelt. Because, Ionian Protobelt allows the Champion to dash in the designated direction.

In addition, Ionian Protobelt can also provide 40 speeds of motion, 15 Haste Ability, and a 15% reduction in cooldown duration. The re-remembering of these attributes is ideal enough to improve wukong’s combat performance.

As an alternative boots item, you can also use Ninja’s Locket which is suitable to be used to face enemy Champions with high levels of damage. Unfortunately, Ninja’s Pocket is less stable for Wukong in terms of skill stability. Because, Ninja’s Pocket has no additional Haste Ability attributes or reduced cooldown duration.

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Guardian Angel

Entering the late-game, Wukong is required to use defensive items. Because, this Champion does not have a good level of durability as an initiator or Champion melee. This condition makes Wukong will be killed more often, if not fight very carefully.

Luckily, Guardian Angel was able to prevent Wukong from death. Because, Guardian Angel has the ability – Resurrect that can awaken him after being killed in the battle area. In addition, Guardian Angel can also provide an additional 45 Attack Damage and 40 Armor. The increase allows it to be able to inflict much greater damage.

In addition, Wukong was also able to withstand several attacks from the ADC that led to him being fairly safe. Without fear of being killed, Guardian Angel will help him to be more flexible when roaming and initiating fights.

Sterak’s Gage

Sterak’s Gage becomes the next defensive item that Wukong can choose from. The $3200 item can provide a 400 HP upgrade that will make it a little bulky and harder to kill.

In addition, Sterak’s Gage also has three passive abilities, namely Heavy Handed, Lifeline, and Sterak’s Fury. Heavy Handed can provide an additional 50% Attack Damage that will increase the accumulation of damage from Wukong very large.

Furthermore, Lifeline can provide shields to Wukong. Even if it is small, the shield achievement will greatly help him to be able to survive in the midst of the enemy’s fight in the team’s fight in the late-game phase. When Lifeline is active, passive ability – Sterak’s Fury will also be active by giving 30% Tenacity for eight seconds.

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Randuin’s Omen

Entering the late game, Wukong must be able to get around the ADC’s power from the enemy team. Because, ADC generally has a very high DPS level, when entering the late game phase. If you’re not prepared, you’ll have a hard time resisting enemy ADC attacks.

However, take it easy, Randuin’s Omen can be your syringe when dealing with ADC. Because, defensive items can reduce 15% of critical attacks of enemies. In addition, Randuin’s Omen can also reduce 15% of the enemy’s attack speed when hit by Wukong attacks.

Randuin’s Omen can also deliver 400 HP and 50 Armor. With such an increase, Wukong will become very tanky and very difficult to kill. Even so, you still have to anticipate crowd-control attacks that can make it difficult to move out in the middle of a fight.


Rune Keystone: Electrocute

As a fighter and initiator, Electrocute became the most ideal Keystone Rune for Wukong. Because, Electrocute can give bonus damage when he manages to attack the enemy three times. The bonus is quite large and significant in the fight.

Rune Domination: Brutal

Brutal is perfect for Rune Domination for Wukong. Because, Brutal can provide increased Attack Damage and Armor Penetration to help him in providing large damage.

As an alternative option, Wukong can also rely on Rune – Hunter Vampirism if you want to play very aggressively. Because, Hunter Vampirism can give physical vamp and attack damage effects.

Rune Resolve: Hunter – Titan

Hunter-Titan can give 20 HP and 4% Tenacity each successfully kill enemy Champion. With Hunter – Titan, Wukong will get a slight increase in durability. As an alternative option, you can also use Spirit Walker which can provide 50 HP and 20% slow resistance.

Rune Inspiration: Pathfinder

Pathfinder is an ideal rune for a roamer. Because, Pathfinder can give you a bonus of 8% speed of movement in bushes, forests, or rivers when outside the fight. With this increased speed of motion, you’ll be a little easier to ganking and ambushing enemy Champions.

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