Tips for Choosing an External Hard Drive

External Hard drive
External Hard disk drive connect to laptop

A hard drive is a storage device that is usually used on desktop and laptop computers. As a hard drive storage media has a very important role but has limited capacity. If we have a large amount of data and a large capacity then it will not be enough if we only utilize the built-in hard drive of the laptop or desktop computer that exists. But at the moment if our storage hard drive is full we can utilize cloud storage as a backup storage medium, but there is a problem when we need that data but we do not have an internet connection then we will have difficulty to get the data.

Therefore one solution is to use an external hard drive. Besides being practical in its use is also easy, simply connect the external hard drive with the laptop or desktop computer that we have and the data we store can be accessed. But we also have to be smart in choosing an external hard drive that suits our needs. Here are some tips in choosing an external hard drive.

Hard drive disc
Hard drive disc

Choose capacity as needed

Make sure we need the external hard drive. If the data we have is sufficient then we need an external hard drive with such a large capacity for photographers or filmmakers that it certainly requires a large capacity to store the collection of photos and videos they have. But unlike the need for students, office workers and students who may only be required to store document data and as backups only.

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Watch Revolutions per Minute or RPM

RPM in the hard drive means the speed of disc rotation contained in the hard disk. The disc functions as a medium of storage of our data on the hard drive. The greater the RPM value, the faster the hard drive in reading the data we have. The average external hard drive sold on the market has a speed of 5400 RPM. But for gamers, graphic designers, programmers and video or animation editors certainly need an external hard drive with a fast data reading process, therefore it is best to choose a speed between 7200 RPM to 10000 RPM.

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Data transfer speed

In the use of external hard drive surely we will always move data from laptop or desktop computer to external hard drive. Therefore we have to pay attention to the speed of data transfer on the external hard drive so that it will be faster in performing data transfer. The average data transfer owned by the hard drive ranges from 100-200 MB/s, which means that if the speed is less than that value is certainly the data transfer process will be slow and will take a lot of time that we have.


Warranty is one of the important things if we buy an electronic item including an external hard drive. Because with the warranty we no longer have to fear if there is damage caused by factory defects, or damage at the time of delivery.

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