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Tips before buying an SSD


SSD stands for Solid State Drive or Solid State Disk, is a data storage device that uses a series of ICs as memory used to store data or information.

Basically, ssd is the same as HDD. It’s just not stored in magnetic layers like HDD. SSDs store all the data on flash memory chips that are connected to each other. Flash memory on SSD is clearly different from that used on Flash in terms of type and speed. The memory flash chip on the SSD has a higher speed than the Flash. With the same capacity, ssd prices are much more expensive than Flashdisk.

SSD Form Factor
SSD Form Factor

Here are some tips to note before buying an SSD.

Specify form factor

Functionally SSD is a storage media, but physically SSD has many variants of form factor that we can adjust to the needs of our devices. The form factor includes SATA, M.2, mSATA, M.2 NVMe and PCIE. For most SSD laptops that we can install is SSD with form factor SATA, mSATA, M.2 and M.2 NVMe. So it would be nice, if before we buy an SSD we have to determine what form factor support is right with the device we are using.

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Read and write speed

It is very vital, because this factor greatly affects the speed of reading and writing that we will later feel. And if we look at the existing specifications, the average SATA form factor has read and write speed support of about 500MB/s, while for form factor M.2, M.2 NVMe has a speed 5 times faster when compared to SATA SSDs.

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Although it is quite trivial, but most computer users ignore this so that there is dissatisfaction in the future. For example, if now using a small capacity SSD is only enough for the installation of operating systems and supporting applications only, then in the future we will experience a lack of capacity on SSDs because the need for technology in the future will definitely grow.

Therefore, ideally we need to plan before purchase taking into account long-term needs at a later date. So if we have more budget, it would be good if we buy SSD with a large capacity to meet various computing needs in the future.

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In most cases, SSDs have different technologies and this technology greatly affects the performance and quality generated from the SSD itself. And as easily digestible information, SSD technology that is good enough to be used for now is SLC (Single Level Channel) with higher speed when compared to MLC (Multi Level Channel).

In addition, SSD with SLC technology has a longer life than MLC so ssd technology SLC is worth it to buy.

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Are two things that have an important correlation, then it is good before buying an SSD we have to determine our budget and needs. Because by analogy the budget will follow the needs, for example we are an editor then we are required to have a large capacity SSD combined with large capacity as well.

Therefore, we need to consider that we are not wrong in choosing an SSD, and if we have decided to buy an SSD hopefully the money we spend is appropriate with our original plan to buy an SSD.

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