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3 Tricks to watch Netflix

Netflix Tricks
Netflix Tricks

By 2021 we are all still doing activities at home. Even so, you don’t have to be sad because you can’t go anywhere. You can spend your free time at home watching Netflix.

With the variety of shows provided by Netflix, the platform is indeed one of the most recognizable services in the world today. However, sometimes navigating the Netflix catalog feels confusing.

Netflix Life Hack
Netflix Life Hack

Users sometimes find some movies unplayable in their country. For netflix users who don’t know yet, there are a number of tricks that can be utilized in watching a show. According to Kapersky, there are 3 life hacks or tricks that you can try watching Netflix.

Find hidden content categories

Netflix allows you to search for content by title, cast, genre, and so on. If you look for it through the title of the movie and the name of the actor, then it’s pretty easy. If the genre, the number of categories and subcategories are large, it can confuse the user.

Therefore, how to solve the problem of searching by genre, users can compile a list of Netflix category codes. The code is attached to a URL that directs users to a collection of events and movies of related genres and subgenres.

To open a specific collection, just type in the browser’s address bar, replacing #### with the category code.

Watch together virtually

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and limited social interaction, getting together physically to watch with friends is difficult. You can use the online meeting platform and try to watch together.

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However, connection barriers can certainly occur because the internet network owned by each person is different, so it will be difficult to interact.

This remote sync problem gave rise to the idea of Teleparty, a free plugin for Google Chrome. With this app, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows not only on Netflix, but also on Disney+, Hulu, or HBO.

The platform also has a chat feature to discuss it. One of Teleparty’s obstacles is that it is unable to let users share a single account, as people do during live gatherings.

For remote sessions, each user needs their own account to watch the same broadcast. Just select the video you want, open the plugin, then use it to create a link, send the link to your friends, and start watching.

Recommended movies based on mood

Netflix also lets users create multiple profiles in a single account, for example, for family members. This feature can also be useful for users who just want to get the most out of Netflix’s recommendation system.

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This is desirable because the service will learn its user preferences from its viewing history, likes and dislikes, as well as other interactions with the user interface.

What if you want recommendations for a movie or TV series to be shown depending on the mood? For example, on an overcast afternoon, users may be in the mood to watch a sad impression. Without context or access to guessing our mood, Netflix can only predict.

You can use your profile to express your interests on Netflix. Make some and use it as a playlist, such as: “funny movie”, “korean drama”, “watch with friends”, and so on. In addition, you can also set up separate profiles for movies you want to keep secret, without being noticed by the public.

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