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MacBook is one of the laptops that is widely used by the public. Both business and freelance circles. With high quality and performance, thus making macbooks into laptops of the upper middle class. In addition to its high performance, macbook also has a minimalist design so it is very practical to carry and more elegant look.

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MacBook Pro

But some MacBook users still feel there are less features on macbooks. These users want the MacBook to have touch screen features that are now widely used by laptops with other brands. Because the users feel that the touch bar is still not enough to control the app easily.

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With this statement, there is speculation that apple is currently preparing a MacBook with touch screen features so that it can provide satisfaction for its users. But it turns out that apple itself presents a MacBook with a touchscreen still far from apple’s future plans.

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Apple said it does not plan to bring touchscreen features to the MacBook, although its latest update to macOS Big Sur suggests it is interested in bringing touchscreen features to macBooks in the future. According to apple, When they released macOS Big Sur, many thought that Apple was preparing to bring touchscreen features to the MacBook, even though macOS Big Sur was designed to be used naturally instead of with touchscreen support.

Apple’s own statement proves that it still has no intention of bringing touchscreen features to the MacBook, but if it is needed and helps users it may think twice about bringing touchscreen features to macbooks in the future.

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