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Klee Build in Genshin Impact

Klee Genshin Impact

Klee is a new character added in Genshin Impact. This character has a small body, but his abilities are very deadly. Klee, who works as a part of the Knights in Monstadt, is an explosive and can destroy many of his opponents with fire element skills.

Well, for those of you who are hunting Klee or may have that character after getting it at Gacha, we’d like to share some build tips from this character. From abilities, teams, to effective weapon composition and Artifact.

Klee Banner
Klee Banner

Klee is a 5-star character with a very high damage ability. His Elemental Skill can install mines that will give you huge clusters of damage. Therefore, this character can also be positioned as Support Damage with his ability.

His ultimate is very deadly and makes this character can be positioned as the main DPS. This character can give bursts periodically every time his Ultimate is active. Later, Klee will give a constant hit with a very deadly fire laser.

As the main DPS, Klee can be positioned with Xiangling duet as Support Damage. Meanwhile, if positioned as Support, Klee is an excellent addition to Diluc. You can take turns using these two characters to hit enemies up close or away.

Moreover, Klee can be enabled with Electro-type Support such as Fischl that will give him overload effect every time oz is released. Meanwhile, for Healer’s choice, another dwarf character, Qiqi, can be a deadly duet partner. As DPS, Klee can also be used to play co-op and will give additional damage.

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Klee uses Catalyst as a weapon option. With this, you can combine the carcass with a 5-star weapon, Skyward Atlas, which will give you huge Elemental damage bonuses. Meanwhile, if you’re unlucky enough to get this weapon, other options like Eye of Perception can also be used.

Catalyst weapon options for damage are still very few, therefore only these two weapons that you can enable. More or less, you also have to wait patiently for the Skyward Atlas banner to be able to get it at a later date.

Like Mona, Klee actually needs a very high pyro element to make her shine. Therefore, the Crimson Witch of Flames Artifact set is perfect for wear. If you position Klee as support, you can also use two sets of Nobless Oblige to get additional damage from his Elemental Burst.

The stats required by these characters are quite diverse. You don’t have to maximize Klee’s Attack and instead focus on Crit and Elemental DMG. In addition, you can focus on finding additional Energy Recharge because Klee’s Burst capability only has a 15-second pause and makes it spammed continuously.

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