5 Helpful apps when working from home

Work from Home
Work from Home

During this pandemic we often hear the term WFH (Work from Home) or work at home. WFH or working at home is increasingly run by several companies be it large or small companies. Especially with the implementation of lockdown system in some areas that inevitably the company must follow it and run the concept of working at home or WFH for each employee so that during the lockdown their company can still run.

Actually the concept of working at home or WFH itself actually existed before the pandemic, and has been widely run by freelancers. Freelancers usually do their job from home and give it to their clients or they do their work remotely from their home to their client company.

Work from Home 2
Work from Home

In doing work at home surely we need an intermediary or helper application that can help us during work at home be it an app that helps connect us with our company or an application that helps organize the work we are working on. Therefore here are applications that can help us while we are working at home.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

As long as we work at a home that has a different location than the location where we work, we definitely need internet access to be able to communicate or send our work to where we work. But if we only use a regular internet connection surely the security of personal data and corporate data that we send is not maintained and can suddenly leak.

Therefore by using VPN or Virtual Private Network then our personal data and corporate data can be maintained because the task of VPN or Virtual Private Network itself is to provide security on the internet connection that we use which is one of them by encrypting the data we send over the internet connection so that the data is not easily leaked.

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In a company must have more than one employee and each employee must live in a different location as well. Therefore, it takes an application that can help that the work of each employee can be organized and coordinated properly.

Trello is an app that can help in organizing each employee’s work to be more well coordinated. In trello application there is a board that can be filled with the name of the employee of the company then in the board there is a card that can be filled with the work that must be done by the employee. Each employee can also mark the card on their board with a color label or provide a finished description.


Who doesn’t know whatsapp, one of the most popular and widely used messaging apps. WhatsApp can help in communicating between sesame employees or with company leaders. It’s easy to simply create a private group specifically for the company to communicate between the company’s occupants. However it is not recommended to send important files using whatsapp due to its lack of security in sending data.

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Slack is a very suitable application to help us in working at home, because its functions are quite a lot even arguably complete. The function of slack itself is to help us in conducting communication directly with others. Although the function is the same as whatsapp that helps us in communication but there is more function that is there is a channel feature that can group employees according to their division so that they can communicate focused with their respective divisions.

Also in the slack app there is a drag and drop feature for sharing files or documents. If we don’t really believe in its security we can use other storage such as google drive and dropbox that are already integrated with slack. In addition to being integrated with google drive and dropbox, slack has also been integrated with other services such as trello, github, mailchimp, twitter and many more.

In addition to the features that have been described earlier slack also still has a very helpful feature that can make it easier for us to bring back discussions or documents that have been lost due to being stockpiled by discussions or other documents. Slack will perform a data search based on username, mention, reaction and also date.


One of the apps that is no less important in helping when working at home is Zoom Meeting. Zoom Meeting is an application for communication using video media or commonly referred to as video conferences. Actually video conference application has been around for a long time and not only zoom there are many other applications. But in this pandemic, zoom apps are becoming increasingly popular because of their ease of access and can be used by various devices, be it smartphones or desktops. Zoom is commonly used if there are meetings that require meeting directly with each other. In addition, zoom is widely used as a medium in online learning.

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