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Guide to Playing League Of Legends: Wild Rift

League of legends wild rift

One of the most anticipated games of the year has finally been released. League of Legends: Wild Rift is a spin-off for mobile devices from the popular MOBA game directed by Riot Games – League of Legends.

Although at first glance it looks similar to other mobile MOBA games such as Mobile Legends, Wild Rift has several things that make it different. For those of you who just want to try MOBA or alien games with different mechanisms carried by Wild Rift, here are some guidelines that might help you.

League of legends wild rift banner
League of legends wild rift

How to download and login

Before you get to the main topic, you can download Wild Rift directly from the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS). For now, Wild Rift’s total size is at 2.2GB – smaller than most long-brewed MOBA games. There are three options for account login: Google Play, Riot and Facebook. You can choose one or create an account first if you don’t already have one (especially Riot account).

League Of Legends with a little adjustment

Wild Rift is basically LoL but for mobile platforms. Everything from hero capabilities to folders is the same (minus two Nexus towers and inhibitors). Another adjustment Riot made to wild rift is the map that is now rotated. To make sure the game went fair, Riot decided to mirror the map of players on the red team.

That means, the “top” and “bottom” lanes will be behind, depending on which team the player is on. To keep players from getting confused, at the beginning of each game, a pop-up will appear to tell the player which lane is up and which is down.

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Choosing a Champion

Riot equips Wild Rift with more than 40 Champions, including Ahri, Jinx, Lux, Master Yi and Sona. The class in Champion consists of Fighter, Tank, Mage, Assassin, Support and Marksman, which complement the various roles in the game.

If you want to dominate the game and win, use Champion with a class that matches your style of play. You can take that preference from your experience playing other MOBA games such as Mobile Legends, AOV, or from League Of Legends itself.

Wild Rift roles are the same as League of Legends, where there are five different roles – Top, Mid, ADC, Support and Jungler – depending on which lane the player will go to.

Dragon Lane is intended for Champion with Attack Damage Carry (ADC) and Support roles. ADC is the main carry in a team that is generally Marksman. While Support, usually Tank or Mage that will buff or protect ADC. In addition, Support can also be an initiator in fights between teams.

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Mid Lane is not so specific to the Champion type, where all types of Champions especially Mage, Assassin and Fighter can head to this lane. Usually Mid Lane is used to open maps for other players, maximize skills, push turrets and finish off Dragon and Baron.

Baron Lane generally contains Tank-type Champions who have good defensive statistics and damage. Unlike the previous two lanes, Baron Lane is usually filled with only one player who does not drive to another area or lane, but if needed, can help attack and secure targets such as rift herald and baron.

The last one is Jungler, which is the most unique role in Wild Rift. Jungler “hunts” the resources in the forest area on the map and the main role is to carry out an impromptu attack, as well as secure two of the most important things in the forest namely Elemental Dragon, Herald and Baron.

Mechanism of Last Hit

Wild Rift uses the same last hit mechanism as two other popular MOBA games – Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor. For PC MOBA players, Wild Rift will feel easier because the last hit target will be automatically locked to the minion or enemy Champion with the lowest blood.

The same is true when issuing skills and players also direct them manually as in Mobile Legends. In addition, Wild Rift is also faster because the ultimate Champion skill will open at level 5 instead of level 6 like in LoL or Dota 2. This change allows mid-laner and top or jungle to get around early and find battles along the map.

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Dragon or also called Drake in Wild Rift is four and has different elements namely Mountain, Ocean, Cloud, Infernal. However, to shorten the game, each element can only appear once. Nevertheless, the effect remains the same with little difference. Ocean Drake, for example, provides lifesteal while infernal gives additional damage.

Dragon itself will only appear in the fourth minute after the game starts and if all four are finished, a special Dragon will appear nicknamed Elder Dragon. This special dragon comes with amazing effects, including giving a number of extra damage.


In addition to unique monsters such as Dragon and Baron, Wild Rift also comes with Plants scattered on almost every side of the map. Not just an ornament, Plant on the Wild Rift has a certain effect if destroyed. There are three, with the first being Honeyfruit which can give players extra blood.

Next up is Scryer’s Bloom which can illuminate folders and Blast Cones that can help players jump in the direction they want. Plus, Wild Rift also has Ward – a special item for all players that you can use to light up your map or monitor your enemies’ movements.

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Items and Runes

Unlike moba games on mobile in general, in Wild Rift, players have to go back to base if they want to buy items. This system makes the movement of buying items more tactical because players have to keep an eye on the minions that are attacking when they want to buy items at the base.

Furthermore, in contrast to the Emblem approach in ML, runes in Wild Rift are available to all players for free. This is used to make the game fairer with all players able to access or use the same Rune.

Each player is provided with four runes consisting of 1 Keystone, 1 Domination Rune, 1 Resolve Rune and 1 Inspiration Rune. Certain runes will work best for certain Champions. So, learn about the various Runes and find out which one is best for your Champion.

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