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How to get Paimon as a pet in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Tips

Recently, Genshin Impact game has become a hot topic of conversation among gamers. Genshin Impact is a popular game because it has fun gameplay, charming visuals, fun stories, magnificent music, and features complete dubbing in the story. This game can also be played cross platform, both mobile, console, and PC. Quite frankly this further enlarges the community of players because it brings together various platforms. Here I will share how to get paimon as a pet that can help us carry out in-game missions.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

At the end of the open area of the world for you (bordered by a red line), your screen will be reddish if you pass it and Paimon will appear to remind you to return to the active area. Then, he’ll disappear once you’ve run back to the active area. Well, see how paimon does not disappear and remain as your pet:

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  • Go to the end of the active area of the world, which is bordered by a red line.
  • Shortly before Paimon appears, when the screen is flushed, stay in place.
  • Unplug your internet connection and immediately run towards areas that are still restricted.
  • Paimon will appear and on your screen will appear a reconnecting to server warning.
  • When the yellow reconnect sphere appears, turn your internet connection back on immediately, so you don’t get kicked out of the game.
  • Voila, Paimon stays and follows you everywhere! Now you’re not alone in your co-op adventure against your enemies.

There’s an important note you need to pay attention to about making Paimon a pet:

  • Paimon will disappear again if you enter the room (not in the open air). So, you have to repeat the steps to bring up Paimon again above.
  • Paimon will look like you disappeared when you teleported, even though he was left in the last place before teleporting. He’s going to come after you. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes for him to come back to you, depending on how far you leave him.
  • If you aim at a target with the archers in Genshin Impact, Paimon will cover and move according to your target mark. So, consider making Paimon a pet, especially for those of you who like archery. This will make it difficult for you in various quests.
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