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Genshin Impact : Zhongli Facts

Zhongli Genshin Impact

The Archons are powerful characters who inhabit the world of Genshin Impact. In Tevyat, the Archons became symbols of each element. After Venti, Zhongli’s character has been proven to be the Archon Geo who will be the next playable character.

Zhongli will be present on the new banner replacing Childe aka Tartaglia. Archon Geo will be a new addition in the game because this element still has few members. Only a few characters have Geo vision.

Zhongli Banner
Zhongli Banner

Before carrying the name Zhongli, the Archon Geo was known as Morax. You can see his performance in the Statue of the Seven scattered in Liyue. While still archon in the past, Zhongli wears a hood that covers half of his head.

In addition to the name Morax or Rex Lapis, the Archon Geo can be transformed into a long dragon named Exuvia whose corpse we found at the beginning of Liyue’s adventure. According to legend, the Archon could even make Mora a currency in every corner of Tevyat and keep it in the Golden House.

Zhongli was the winner of the Archon War which took place 2000 years ago along with six other members. They were then given the title The Seven who mastered Gnosis from every element. Zhongli guarded Liyue and made a magnificent port city thousands of years ago.

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According to Zhongli, Liyue is a city full of problems. Since successfully growing into one of the most prosperous areas, they are surrounded by anxiety and have problems with the keepers of nature, namely Adeptus who live nearby. Surprisingly, Zhongli never took sides in this conflict.

In the Archon Quest in Liyue, we are confused by Zhongli’s decision to hand over his Gnosis to Fatui voluntarily. As it turned out, Zhongli with Tsaritsa had his own contract. Fatui makes a rowdy Liyue to prove to Zhongli that liyue residents don’t need archon anymore.

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Zhongli is one of Geo’s characters with high Elemental ability as Archon. His Elemental Burst can create meteors whose damage is enormous. If the enemy does not die, he will be affected by petrify aka stun which is mechanically similar to freeze but does not break if hit by a heavy attack.

With this characteristic of ability, Zhongli users can maximize elemental skill. Meanwhile, this character can also potentially be a DPS because the combination of attacks is very long.

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