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About 1.3 Update and Features – Genshin Impact

Xiao Genshin Impact
Xiao Genshin Impact

There are many new things waiting for you in Genshin Impact 1.3 update. Many new events will present you Primogem with a series of interesting items. You can collect them all by playing games.

So, to find out what to do in this 1.3 update, I’d like to share some tips about these new events and features. Not only events that you can complete, but there are also many interesting things waiting for you to update 1.3 Genshin Impact until the end of this month.

Geovishap Genshin Impact
Geovishap Genshin Impact

New Character, Xiao

Xiao is the beauty that fans are waiting for. Once a Beta feature, Genshin Impact’s new role becomes powerful. In addition, his very agile fighting style is the goal. Those looking for a seriously ill DPS or a damaged dealer should get out of Xiao.

Unfortunately, the character can only be obtained temporarily through a new banner when the 1.3 Genshin Impact patch is released. You’ve only got two weeks. According to the news, besides Xiao, there is a new character that has not been announced, namely Hu Tao that was leaked some time ago.

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Event Five Flushes of Fortune

1.3 The first event to appear in the Genshin Impact release was “Five Tides of Fortune“. After that, you’ll be assigned to the photographic objects found around Tevyat. Every day, these photos can be exchanged for gifts in the form of Primogem, Heros Wit, Mora and Enhancement Stone.

Uniquely, this event requires you to photograph subjects of a certain color, and each player will find a different color. If you run into problems, you can exchange photos with friends.

Festival Lantern Rite

Genshin Impact’s first festival will be held on February 10. He said, really, this new activity will make the Liyue area more colorful. Yes, you can enjoy the Lantern Festival which starts next week.

Lantern Festival will also tell a new story. It is said that at every music festival, Adepti will see people in the distance. This might be a good time to try to pull Xiao from his slogan.

Event Theater Mechanicus

At Lantern Festival, a new activity that you must try is Theater Mechanicus. This event is like a mini game in Genshin Impact, where you will enter a special domain. You don’t have to take on the task of attacking enemies with pillar roles, but just take the task of placing tower elements to prevent enemies from coming.

Yes, this game looks like tower defense. Players who can survive to the biggest waves will also receive huge bonuses!

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Ley Line Overflow

At the end of February, you can join an interesting event. Ley Line Overflow will allow you to get more heroic wisdom and Mora rewards from the Ley Line. During the event, you can get up to 3 times Heroes Wit and Mora. Therefore, please keep your fragile resin deposits until the end of the month!

New Boss, Primo Geovishap

Finally, Genshin Impact 1.3 officially presents the role of primo geovishap’s new boss. This monster is the boss of the open world, you can visit at any time. Later, you can get special items for new riding characters like Xiao, and get random drop of ascension elements.

Later, primo Geovishap’s new update will also put the Ascension element exchange system into Crafting mode. You can exchange the material for other elements for items that can be exchanged for stardust. Therefore, you don’t have to bother completing many bosses!

Buff Zhongli and Geo Resonance

Other important updates you should not miss are improvements to Zhongli and Geo Resonance. For neutrality, MiHoYo provides buffs in the form of additional damage based on maximum health. In addition, the central li shield can now reduce the elements and physical resources of the enemy.

For the “Resonance Stone”, this effect not only increases the strength of the shield. MiHoYo gives an additional effect in the form of additional damage to the shield character. As if that’s not enough, Geo Resonance can also reduce enemy Geo RES by 20% for 15 seconds.

Buffs are very important, making it possible to make geographical characters into meta characters. In fact, Zhongli who was once accused can now be a god-level supporter. Even Ning Guang and Noel can also be chosen as DPS.

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