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Genshin Impact Tips : Don’t ignore items and things during an adventure

Genshin Impact Tips

Any item you pass, including even the most common sweet flowers, will be useful for completing certain quests or missions in the future. Don’t be lazy to just click collect it. Here are some important things you should not ignore when you’re on an adventure:

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact


Ore aka mining stone (iron chunck, white iron chunck, crystal chunk, cast lapis, noctilucous jade, magical crystal chunk) you must take.

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Animals such as pigs, birds, and squirrels must be killed. The meat is useful for cooking as well as completing quests.

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Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are useful for cooking ingredients. Cooking is one of the important items to help you survive.

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Flowers and grains

Flowers and grains are also important. Not only for cooking ingredients or the completion of certain quests, certain flowers are also a condition of ascending your character to a higher level.

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Fast-moving animals

Fast-moving animals, such as frogs, lizards, butterflies, fireflies, luminous beetles. Several items are needed to complete quests, crafting, or building your character.

Treasure chests

Treasure chests are also essential. In addition to containing items that can strengthen your character or weapon, opening a chest will help increase your adventure rank.

The spirit of seelie

The spirit of seelie, the hovering ghost that will lead you to the treasure chest. Their numbers are limited and they won’t respawn. Completing the lead all seelie to their respective statues will reward you.

There are many other types of items that you should not ignore. Anyway, if there is a glowing and you can click investigate or appear the name of the item, take it.

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