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Genshin Impact : Noelle Build Tips

Noelle Image Genshin Impact
Noelle Image Genshin Impact

Noelle is a first generation character in Genshin Impact, noelle can be obtained by doing gacha. Noelle is one of the characters in Genshin Impact who has Geo elements and uses Claymore. He is a 4-star hero and has a C rating in the Genshin Impact hero tier list.

Noelle Genshin Impact
Noelle Genshin Impact


Noelle has a skill called breastplate. When this skill is used, noelle will release armor made of stone to protect her, this skill causes geo damage to the enemies around her and then turns into a shield.

This shield will absorb damage that has been defeated by Noelle, this shield has properties when a normal attack or charged Noellenya reaches the intended target then it will regenerate the HP of all characters that are outside or inside the field.

Geo elements will absorb 250%, the number of HP successfully regened is triggered based on noelle DEF scale. Skill damage from this skill is 120% DEF, absorption damage 160%+770, Healing 12.3% DEF +103, healing trigger 50% with a duration of 12 seconds and cooldown 24 seconds

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In addition, Noelle also has a skill called Sweeping Time. This skill will collect strength from the stone and put around the weapon, when attacking with the weapon it will cause such a large geo-damage area, after launching the skill will get an effect: Attack area becomes larger, turning damage attack into geo damage, increasing damage attack based on scale. Burst damage from this skill 67.2%, skill damage 92.8%, bonus attack 40% DEF with duration and cooldown 15 seconds, spend energy 60


This is the most suitable weapon for Noelle, it’s free and you can make it in NPC Mondstadt. The name of the weapon is White Shadow (Whiteblind), believe me this is the best weapon today. You can make it by crafting with materials such as White Iron Chunk and Crystal Chunk.

White Shadow has an effect that can increase ATK and DEF by 6/7.5/9/10.5/12% for 6 seconds. You can stack it up to 4 times every 0.5 seconds. This means that you can increase your total 48% ATK and DEF at the same time at the maximum level. If you read the explanation above, Noelle’s damage skills are influenced by how big her DEF is.


For the artifact itself as much as possible look for artifacts that have the effect to add deff. The artifacts include Lucky Dog and Defender Will.

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Both artifacts have the same effect to increase def , it’s just different in number. You can use 2 lucky dog sets that give additional DEF effect of 100 and 2 sets of Defender Will that provide additional Base DEF as much as 30%.

If you don’t already have one of the two artifacts, you can replace them using 2 sets of Archaic Petra artifacts that have the effect of increasing the additional damage bonus by 15%.

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