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Genshin Impact : Ganyu Facts

Ganyu Genshin Impact
Ganyu Genshin Impact

Albedo is a good surprise for lovers of Geo elements in Genshin Impact. In addition to Albedo and new areas in Dragonspine, players will soon be able to collect Ganyu, one of Adepti’s most unique descendants.

Ganyu Banner
Ganyu Genshin Impact

Descendants of Adeptus

Ganyu is a descendant of Adeptus or Qilin who eventually makes his physical appearance slightly different from that of humans. The dark, red horns behind her blue hair are the remaining physical appearance of this special offspring. It is not yet clear who Adeptus might be as the parent figure of Ganyu.

Unlike the Archons, the Adeptus were the freer Ancient Gods. In Liyue, they live on high mountains and some can take the form of animals or precisely humans. With this special blood, Ganyu certainly becomes a very strong character in terms of lore.

The Meaning of the Name “Sweet Rain”

If translated from Chinese, Ganyu can mean “sweet rain” or “rain that brings blessings”. As it turns out, this name reflects the ability of his Elemental Burst, Celestial Shower, which makes it possible to make a very large hailstone.

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With this ability, Ganyu can rain down on enemies with enormous damage. Therefore, this character is perfect for you to bring to defeat the domain and waves of enemies in Spiral Abyss.

Users of Cryo Elements and Arrow Guns

Ganyu’s vision is a Cryo element reflected in his crystal blue hair color. As a Cryo user, Ganyu has Elemental Skill to taunt while burst is an AOE-type hail with a long duration. The character mechanics are a bit like Amber.

From this ability, Ganyu will be very useful as a DPS Support in your team. You can combine it with Chongyun or Kaeya and Diona to take the resonance of a very sick Cryo element.

Very High ATK Status

As an arrow user, Ganyu’s ATK is above average. In fact, this character will have the highest ATK to defeat Fischl who was previously an arrow-type DPS. Ganyu will certainly give nightmares to the series of monsters you face.

So the character with the highest ATK, Ganyu is a good target if you already have enough Primogems savings. Moreover, arrowheads can make it a long-range DPS and make you survive in many Domains with ease.

Secretary Qixing

In Liyue, there is no king or governor. Thus, their government is governed by qixing senate which is seven parties that have high influence. So far, ningguang and Keqing’s characters have been told to be a part. It is not yet clear who else belongs to this organization.

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In the closing round of the second Archon, it is said that Liyue was almost destroyed and Qixing used Ningguang’s castle to hit him. There, Ganyu serves as a bridge between Qixing and Adeptus who had a chance to fight because they did not believe in each other.

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