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Genshin Impact : Ganyu Build Tips

Ganyu Genshin Impact
Ganyu Genshin Impact

As Qixing’s secretary, Ganyu is known as a very work-loving character. In addition, Ganyu is a very strong descendant of Adepti. Perhaps this is what makes this new character in Genshin Impact appear quite overpowered when released.

How not, awarded a very useful Cryo element, Ganyu also has a very high atk average. This character looks strong and can be a new DPS or Support Damage that can make your team perform stronger in Genshin Impact.

Ganyu Banner
Ganyu Genshin Impact


Character level is an absolute requirement to make it stronger. As cryo vision owner, Ganyu needs Shiva Jade and Hoarfrost Core that you can get from Cryo Regisvine boss in Monstadt.

Meanwhile, other items needed are Nectar from Whooperflower and Qingxin which you can get on the high cliffs of Liyue. Collecting Nectar may take a little effort because defeating whooperflower is not easy.


Ganyu needs the kind of Diligence books you can get at Domain Taishan Mansion in Liyue. This domain can be farmed every Tuesday and Friday. However, if you miss it, you can enter it again freely on Sunday.

In addition, you also need Shadow of the Warrior from Childe’s boss to raise talent after level 7. Crown of Sagehood is also needed if you want to increase Your Talent Ganyu to a high level.


Ganyu will shine on your team if you wear it as needed. If used as a DPS, Ganyu can be focused on his Hit ability because the ATK is quite large.

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In addition, Ganyu’s status each level up also increases his Crit DMG so that this character will appear very terrible. Therefore, the talent that you can prioritize for dps role is Normal Attack, then Elemental Burst.

Meanwhile, if you use it as Support or Sub DPS, you only focus on increasing talent from both abilities first. Elemental Burst with large damage with a large area can be the top priority than Elemental Skill which only gives Cryo status and damage that is not so big.


Ganyu needs a suitable Build Artifact for his role. As a DPS, you can use a combination of Gladiator’s Finale and Blizzard Strayer. The ATK upgrade of Gladiator’s Finale will greatly help Normal and Charged Shot Ganyu which is indeed his specialty.

Meanwhile, as a Support or Sub DPS, you have to increase Cryo Damage with the help of a combination of Artifact Blizzard Strayer and Noblesse Oblige. The last artifact will be very useful to increase damage from Elemental Burst Ganyu which has a large area and a fairly long duration.


As a DPS, Ganyu needs Amos Bow who can make his ATK even higher. Later, Ganyu can use Focused Shot instead of doing ATK spam if you make it DPS.

However, if you choose it as Sub DPS, Ganyu can use Skyward Harp or other weapons that allow him to get additional Crit Chance. This way, his Elemental Burst is going to get really sick.

In the meantime, there are several Bow B4s that you can use as an option. Stringless, Sacrificial Bow, and Favonius Warbow can be the best choice for Ganyu Support or Sub DPS. Unfortunately, for now the Bow B4 DPS option is still not optimal because the choice is only Compound Bow which although the effect is quite good, but the stats are less supportive.

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For those of you F2P players who are lucky to get it, Prototype Crescent can be the best option. Because, this Bow has an effect that matches ganyu gameplay that relies on Charged Shot.

Charged Shot

Each character has the fastest combination of attacks, in addition to using them continuously. Ganyu, for example, has a very slow attack speed from his 4th and 5th hits. Moreover, Ganyu has a very unique Charged Shot effect.

Although slow, the damage produced from Charged Shot Ganyu is quite large. If pressed longer, his Charged Shot can cause damage area effects with Cryo type and have a percentage of deadly attacks. He can use this Aimed Shot even to defeat the boss!

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