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Genshin Impact Tips : Farming Routes

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

There’s a lot you can do at Genshin Impact. Moreover, to develop character levels, weapons, and artifacts require a lot of resources. Well, you need some farming activities that must be done routinely every day.

Towards a high Adventure Rank, the demands of the resources you need are very much. Especially if you are helpless because resin stocks are running low every day. To that end, we would like to share some farming tips at Genshin Impact that you can do below.

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Small Farming Artifact

Going to AR 40 and above, you’ll run out of resources to level up artifacts. What’s more, each gold artifact needs millions of EXP to collect. Now to shorten the time, you can collect white to green Artifacts scattered for free in several areas.

There are several routes that you can use, ranging from walking through Qingce Village to the south, to the bottom of Qingyun Peak which contains many strategic places. Start marking your folders to do this activity every day because there are more than 60 artifacts with small level that you can use to become a sacrifice.

Farming Ascension Material

Farming from character upgrade material is quite easy if you have Resin. But, if you need some plants that are favored by each character to raise their Ascension. If you lack, you have to spend a few days waiting for the plant to spawn.

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Well, try to take whatever you find on the way. Heading to Levels 80 and 90, you need dozens of special plants that you can’t get in the Domain. What’s more, characters like Razor or Diluc need wolfenhook plants and lamp grasses that are very rare in Monstadt. You can also look for Chloris, a flower collecter that you can buy cheaply.

Farming Chest for Adventure EXP

Chest in Genshin Impact cannot be respawn. But, every day you’ll find chests that spawn gradually depending on your World level. This way, you can spend time traveling around Tevyat looking for the presence of the newly emerging chest.

Usually, the location of common chest can be found in hill areas easily with crushable stone markings. Meanwhile, there are also many Exquisite Chest that you will find from archery puzzles that you can get by touching special bubble-shaped plants. So, put your eyes up when you’re on an adventure, yes!

Spend Resin for Ley Line Outcrops

Every day, you can do activities to collect Mora or Heroes Wit from Ley Line Outcrops. By completing them, you can get a lot of resources to develop your character. Moreover, when all your quests are complete.

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Towards the end of the game, you won’t get enough resources to develop more than four characters. If you want to change the main character or create two teams in Spiral Abyss, you can stock up on resources by defeating Ley Line Outcrops every day.

Search Boxes in Liyue

There are many uses of Geo Sigil that you can get in Liyue. Later, after redeeming all the points in treasure shop, you can get additional Mora that will be very useful to develop your character, Weapon, and Artifact. An easy way to get it every day is to look for boxes floating on the surface of the water.

This box can give you two to four Sigil. Every day, you can look for some strategic spots around the lake. There are several excellent locations such as Luhua Pool to the area near Wangshu Inn that you can follow to find this box.

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