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Genshin Impact : The chalk prince and The dragon

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact continues to improve regularly and provide updated content for its players. Not stopping at creating a myriad of new features in 1.1, MiHoYo has prepared a lot of new content that will soon launch in update 1.2 and one of the things players are eagerly anticipating is the presence of new territories. Yep, this time players will explore Dragonspine, a snowy mountain region in Tevyat.

Dragonspine Banner
Dragonspine Preview

Dragonspine is said to be an ancient territory that reportedly became a dragon graveyard in ancient times. This area is very unique because it gives you new weather and has a lot of treasures to discover. Inside are four areas you can explore. Each one has a unique place and a new Domain for you to reveal. Curious about Dragonspine? Check out the footage below.

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This new update is also planned to bring two new characters, namely Albedo and Ganyu. Albedo was one of the most famous Alchemists of Favonius Knight while Ganyu was found in Liyue. Both have a unique ability to summon flowers and evoke their elements. Albedo will be Geo’s character while Ganyu will be the second ice-sided arrow character after Diona.

Albedo and Ganyu will be two key characters to unlock a new chapter of the story in Genshin Impact. Reportedly, Dragonspine will be the introduction before the player enters the city of Inazuma. There, players have to be careful with ice storm weather that can make the character frozen to the point of lack of blood. By bringing pyro characters or lighting bonfires you can survive better in Dragonspine.

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