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Genshin Impact : Childe Build Tips

Childe Genshin Impact
Childe Genshin Impact

Childe aka Tartaglia has been present for a long time in Genshin Impact. However, this character with Hydro elements is again a hot topic among players who are lucky to have him. Because, update 1.2 Dragonspine presents Heart of Depth, a new artifact set devoted to Hydro elements.

The presence of this new Artifact set is certainly good news for users of Hydro characters such as Childe. Because, so far they can not use a special set artifact elements such as Crimson Witch of Flames for Pyro or Archaic Petra for Geo. This means that you can now focus on improving Hydro Damage.

Childe Genshin Impact
Childe Genshin Impact

Focus Build

Childe received a negative response in the early days of its release. Because statistically, the damage does look special but many players complain about the stance changing mechanism in their Elemental Skill.

The biggest problem is the limited time to use the melee stance. If entering the cooldown, it takes more than 30 seconds to return from the stance ranged into the melee stance that is the main source of damage. However, in the end the player experiments and realizes that Childe’s main source of damage is his Elemental Burst.

The Dragonspine update is said to bring variations to Childe’s gameplay. Because, the presence of Hydro artifacts (Heart of Depth) makes its ability as Main DPS more effective.

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Overall, using it as DPS or Sub DPS is just as effective. Heart of Depth artifacts make Childe Elemental Skill damage more consistent because of the additional 20% Hydro Damage. Using it as Sub DPS is still an interesting option considering its massive Elemental Burst damage.

Best Weapon

Determining the best statistics for Childe is actually not difficult. Damage is certainly a mandatory statistic with CRIT priority greater than ATK.

For now, the options are quite abundant because all bows with damage statistics are suitable for him. Starting from Bow 5-Star, both Amos Bow and Skyward Harp can be equally good choices. However, Skyward Harp is still the best option due to the simultaneous increase in CRIT Rate and CRIT Damage.

Meanwhile, bow 4-star can also be an effective option for those of you who are “less fortunate”. For now, Rust and Viridescent Hunt are still the two best Bows. Rust increases melee stance damage constantly. Meanwhile, Viridescent Hunt has a gather effect and an increase in CRIT Rate even though the damage-per-second is slightly inferior to Rust.

For those of you free to play, inevitably the best option falls to Prototype Crescent or Favonius Warbow. Prototype Crescent will be suitable for those of you who rely on Childe as Main DPS with ATK stats. While Favonius Warbow for Burst DPS because of stats Energy Recharge.

As an additional note, The Stringless is arguably not the right option for Childe. Bow does have the effect of increasing elemental skill damage. However, the increase in damage is only valid when you activate the skill only. The effect so does not apply to melee stance damage.


There are now two new sets of Artifacts, Ocean Conqueror or better known as Heart of Depth.

These two artifact sets will give you a bonus of 15% Hydro DMG. While the four sets provide an extra 30% Normal and Charged ATK for 15 seconds after using Elemental Skill.

Combining two sets of Heart of Depth is certainly not a difficult experiment because this Artifact can replace the Gladiator set as a boost damage for Childe. However, the four sets of Heart of Depth can be said to be quite dilemmatic and the potential is quite limited.

Four sets of Heart of Depth provide enormous boost damage of up to 30%. However, the damage bonus is only valid on Normal and Charged ATK.

Four sets of Heart of Depth will certainly give boost to Elemental Skill damage as well as Melee Childe’s stance attack. However, there is no significant improvement in Elemental Burst whose damage is also quite large.

Four sets of Heart of Depth are very effective, but for Childe’s build as Main DPS. For Burst or Sub DPS, two sets of Heart of Depth and two sets of Noblesse Oblige are still the best options.


When leveling Talent Childe, you also have to pay attention to what build you choose. Because, Talent Childe will greatly affect the growth of damage.

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For sub DPS builds, the focus of Leveling Talent Elemental Burst (Havoc: Obliteration) should be a priority. Try to level up to 7 (10 in late games) before increasing the level of other Talent. Meanwhile, if you choose to build Main DPS, Talent Elemental Skill (Foul Legacy: Raging Tide) should be your priority.

For Talent Basic Attack, it’s a good idea to delay raising the level. Because, Childe has a Talent Master of Weaponry that increases the level of Talent Basic Attack. This increase will also affect other characters in the party.

Team Composition

As one of the best DPS in Genshin Impact, Childe is very flexible because it can be combined with all sub DPS characters to Support. This applies to all the build focuses you choose, both Main DPS and Sub DPS.

To Play DPS with Talent Elemental Skill priority, Sub DPS such as Albedo or Fischl will be very synergistic with Childe. The damage-over-time generated by these two characters will add damage to the enemy instantly.

In addition, Hydro attacks on Elemental Skill can also be combined with Elemental Reaction such as Electro-Charged with Fischl or Vaporize with Xiangling.

For Sub DPS (Elemental Burst orientation), Support that can produce “nuclear bombs” such as Bennett, Venti, and Sucrose is the best partner. The resulting damage can be very large as long as you manage to combine Elemental Reaction appropriately.

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