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Genshin Impact Beginner Tips

Genshin Impact Tips

“Genshin Impact” is a type of Open World game (non linear plot) with gacha system, which means it is a free game and players can do the lottery to win bonuses like premium characters in the game.

Here are Genshin Impact’s beginner tips to help you understand the leveling system, artifacts and elemental combos without spending much time in the game.

1. Use leveling items wisely

The leveling system in this game is quite unique. In other RPG adventure games, killing many monsters you will get a lot of experience (EXP). But Genshin Impact kills only very few EXP.

Notes and books like Wanderer’s Advice that you can get in chests and quests should be used directly. But don’t be too wasteful about using EXP items and sharing them with every character you have.

2. Collect artifacts to be strong

Artifact’s investment will feel very different, from the one that used to take 10 hits to kill monsters suddenly requiring only 3 hits.

Artifact is an accessory or armor that enhances a character’s status. You can’t get Artifacts from gacha, you can only get Artifacts from cleaering dungeons, unlocking chests, and completing quests. Artifect provides the greatest increase to your damage.

Whereas the goal we play is to raise the rank and it would be very boring if we could only play custom modes and modes vs. AI.

Artifacts are rare items and can’t be purchased in stores or gacha, so you’ll need to choose whether you’ll split artifacts into each character in a balanced way or focus on having Artifact create 1 or 2 characters at the beginning of the game.

If your character wants to have a hard hit or a sick elemental skill, you should pay attention to which character uses the Artifact and be sure to enhance the Artifact for some time. When you’ve focused on developing a particular Artifact, you’ll feel like you’re in control of a much stronger team.

3. Watch Elemental Resonance

Elemental Resonance is a bonus your party receives if there are 2 characters with the same element in the team.

For example, having 2 characters with wind elements will give you a huge increase in stamina, making it easier for you to explore. Then having 2 characters with fire elements will increase your attack damage by 25%.

To see the full list of Elemental Resonance in Gensin Impact games, you can check out this link. You can also check the bonuses you get in the character menu depending on the composition of your team.

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