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Genshin Impact : Albedo Facts

Albedo Genshin Impact
Albedo Genshin Impact

Following the 1.2 update from Genshin Impact, we’ll venture to the very cold part of Dragonspine. We’re going to help an alchemist named Albedo finish his research in this mysterious region. You can also get it from gacha as a new character addition in the team.

Besides being known as Alchemist Albedo also likes to paint and as it turns out, has many interesting mysteries to discuss. Here you will see that Albedo is likely to be an important character in Genshin Impact.

Albedo Banner
Albedo Genshin Impact

Alchemist Leader of the Knight of Favonius

Like some of Monstadt’s other characters, Albedo is part of the Guild of Knight of Favonius that looks after Monstadt. In fact, he also had an important position, namely as chairman of the Alchemist and made him highly respected. Both Sucrose and Timaeus who became Alchemists in Monstadt both respected Albedo.

When he first met Traveler, it was discovered that Albedo was in Dragonspine to complete his research. It’s unclear what kind of research Albedo would like to do at Dragonspine, but it looks like he wants to find the source of festering sword power given to players.

Got a Pretty Weird Geo Element

Unlike other users of Geo elements, Albedo can be seen growing tree branches from his fingers. In fact, Dendro’s element for controlling plants has not been formally introduced into the game. This could be a sign that Albedo has an interaction with two elements, similar to Childe who can use Electro when changing using Corruption.

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If true, it looks like some special characters can indeed interact with two or more elements. Traveler characters that we play, for example, can use every element if interacting with the Statue of the Seven statue scattered around Tevyat.

Titled “Prince of Chalk”

In the quest that opened in Dragonspine, we see that Albedo is said to have the nickname “Chalk Prince” or Prince of Chalk. According to Albedo, chalk is an ancient power that can evoke life. Apparently, this answers a little why the Geo element seems special because it could be, its Geo element is dominant using this chalk element.

The way Albedo speaks is also quite strange. He seemed to hint that he was not from Tevyat. It could be that Albedo is a prince from the past whose kingdom was destroyed at Dragonspine.

Albedo Is No Ordinary Person

There are many signs why Albedo seems to be an important character in the Genshin Impact story section. When completing the first quest, we see that Albedo has the intention of destroying Monstadt and assumes that the Traveler will prevent it in the future.

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Historically, Monstadt was described as a kingdom once ruled by a dark king. This could be a sign that Albedo may be a descendant of the king and intends to take back his throne from those who defeated his father.

Albedo is a Robot

One of the unique easter eggs you can get in the game. Unlike other characters who are human beings, you can see if each character will exhale in the Dragonspine area. But, not with Albedo. If you look, Albedo won’t get any air out of his mouth.

This strangeness leads to the assumption that in fact, Albedo is not a human being but a revived robot with the memory of its predecessor. Paimon even noticed the strange movements of Albedo as he never seemed exhausted to roam the Dragonspine plateau.

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