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Genshin Impact : Albedo Build Tips

Albedo Genshin Impact
Albedo Genshin Impact

In update 1.2, Genshin Impact officially presents Albedo. Unfortunately, he was once considered as a 5-star character who is less powerful because of his status as a user of Geo elements as well as sword weapons that are considered less powerful.

However, after more than a week of release, Albedo began to be looked at and even considered a top tier character. His fate is arguably more potent than Zhongli who until now considered a 5-star character “failed”.

Albedo Banner
Albedo Genshin Impact


Based on the demonstration of his ability, Albedo at first glance leans more towards the main dps character or the main damage dealer. Because, his Elemental Skill (Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma) can produce Geo damage every 2 seconds while the enemy is in the zone.

The Elemental Burst (Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide) also has considerable damage. The effect also synergizes with Elemental Skill because Solar Isotoma will produce additional damage randomly as many as seven attacks.

Although capable as Main DPS, albedo reality feels more effective to be used as Support or Sub DPS. Because, auto attack damage is not so big when compared to other DPS main characters such as Diluc, Klee, Childe, or even Ningguang.

The situation would be more favorable if he was not used too often as the main damage dealer. Because, as long as the enemy is inside his Elemental Skill zone, Solar Isotoma can produce damage even if we use other characters. The mechanism is more or less the same as Elemental Skill Fischl or Xiangling.

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For tips, you can use Albedo first to remove the Solar Isotoma. Then you replace it with the Main DPS character to produce greater and consistent damage.


Because Albedo is better used as a Sub DPS then Energy Recharge is certainly a priority stats to be able to spam Burst faster. Moreover, Skill Albedo mechanism also makes Energy can be filled faster because it is able to produce constant damage.

For swords with Energy Recharge stats, Festering Desire is the best choice, especially for those of you who are free to play. Besides being free of charge in Dragonspine event, the effect that increases damage and CRIT Rate Elemental Skill is very synergistic with Elemental Skill Albedo mechanics.

Harbinger of Dawn is also one of the weapons that fits albedo. Although it does not look luxurious, the status and effect is still useful because it can add CRIT Damage and CRIT Rate.

Like zhongli banner, Albedo banner also comes along with special weapon banner Geo element. For Zhongli, Vortex Vanquisher’s weapon rewarding shield-based characters suits him. Because, Zhongli, both as Support and Main DPS, rely heavily on shield as its main capability.

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So, what about the Summit Shaper that comes along with Albedo? These swords come with the same effect as Vortex Vanquisher. The rewarding effect with shield-based characters will certainly be very suitable if Albedo is used as Main DPS.

Unfortunately, if used as Support, the effect that works is only extra shield by 20%. The added effect of damage does not work if Albedo is replaced by other characters to attack enemies.

In conclusion, Summit Shaper is not unsuitable for Albedo. In fact, he’s arguably the character best suited to this sword. However, if you use it as support, it would be wise if you don’t pull the Summit Shaper banner.


Determining the right artifact for Albedo is arguably not an easy task. Because, Elemental Skill damage as the main ability of the alchemy is not scaled with ATK, but DEF.

The dilemma is, only Elemental Skill scales with DEF. Elemental Burst Albedo still uses ATK as the main stats. This means that you can’t prioritize either DEF or ATK, but the two have to synergize with each other.

There are a number of options to choose from. As Support, damage from Elemental Skill must be a priority. Therefore, you can use two sets of Archaic Petra and two sets of Gambler with priority substats CRIT>DEF>ATK to make the damage of Solar Isotoma feel maximum.

You can also use two sets of Defender’s Will to replace two sets of Gambler. With the Defender’s Will set, you can prioritize ATK stats on sands sets.

In addition, there is also the option of two sets of Archaic and two sets of Noblesse if you don’t have a capable DEF artifact. This set is reliable if you rely more on Burst spam with Energy weapons like Festering Desire.

Meanwhile, if you trust Albedo as Main DPS, two sets of Archaic remain a mandatory option to keep elemental skill damage felt. For the other two sets, you can use gladiators with priority DEF stats on sands sets.

Team Formation

As a Sub DPS, Albedo is suitable to be paired with all main DPS characters. The mechanics of Elemental Skill similar to Fischl or Xiangling make your team able to produce consistent damage while Solar Isotoma is still active.

Childe, Albedo, Bennett, and Sucrose team formations (or Klee, Mona, Venti) can be interesting formations. Because, Passive Talent 2 Albedo (Homuncular Nature) increased the team’s Elemental Mastery to 125 points for 10 seconds after using Burst.

The potential for this formation to detonate a “nuclear bomb” could be maximized with Passive Talent Albedo. If used before Elemental Burst Bennett, then utilizing Passive Talent Sucrose which also adds Elemental Mastery team, damage from Burst Childe can potentially come out very large.

Alternatively, you can pair it with Geo characters like Zhongli or Ningguang to maximize Geo Resonance. Moreover, Zhongli and Geo Resonance effects will be buffed in the upcoming 1.3 update. It does not harm to try and maximize the synergy so that you can get used to it when the update is present.

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