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Genshin Impact : 5 Secrets of Dragonspine

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

The Dragonspine area is officially opened following the 1.2 update on Genshin Impact and will reward Travelers with many things. You’ll find out if this new area has a lot to offer. Moreover, there are many secrets that do not seem to be revealed much on the day of its release. Here are 5 secrets in dragonspine.

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Frostbearing Tree Gift

Frostbearing Tree is an important element in Dragonspine. This red tree you can find on the Snow-Covered Path. Later, every Crimson Agate we collect can be exchanged for gifts on this tree. Frostbearing Tree is an important element of The Chalk Prince and the Dragon event that will come in the next few days.

To easily earn rewards at Frostbearing Tree, you’ll need to mark every Crimson Agate you find. Later, crimson agate can also be obtained from the red crates scattered around Dragonspine. All locations can be checked in the following folder.

Secret Quest at Starglow Cavern

There’s one hidden quest you might miss in dragonspine territory. You can get this quest in Starglow Cave at the top of the cave. You’ll have to find a chunk of ice that can be solved with the help of Quarts and will eventually pave the way to a secret camp.

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In this quest titled “A Land Entombed” you need a small character to get into the cracks in the walls. Later, this quest series will open a chest of Precious Chest with Crimson Agate that is useful to water your Frostbearing Tree.

Seelie a Useful Fire

Seelie is special you can find in the Dragonspine area. Unlike in the Liyue and Monstadt regions, seelie energizes fire and can give you warmth. Well, this Fire Seelie is useful for you to finish because later, this stone where Seelie will light a fire and keep your character warm.

In some locations, this Seelie stone is located at the place of fighting. Therefore, you must take Seelie first before defeating the enemy because otherwise you can freeze and lose easily in the fight.

How to Open a Domain Peak of Vindagnyr

There’s a new Domain in Dragonspine titled Peak of Vindagnyr that contains artifacts of Cryo elements. To get into the Peak of Vindagnyr you’ll have to explore the Dragonspine region and unlock all the hidden Ice Shards. In total there are six Shards that you have to destroy in order to open this Domain later.

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The Shard’s first location was near frostbearing tree. Meanwhile, two Shard locations can be found on the mountain in the middle, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the cave. Three other locations are scattered across the East, West and South of the Dragonspine region.

Unlocking a Secret Room in Skyfrost Nail

There’s a big gate you can find at the foot of Skyfrost Nail Mountain. You can open this door by collecting three treasure chests scattered in Dragonspine. First, you can get it easily when visiting a headstone in the entrance area of starglow cavern and put three Cecilia.

The other two chests you can get in new territory after completing the Quest from Albedo. One crate is on the east lake of the Snow-Covered Path. Meanwhile, one box can be found in the hidden tower on the Exit of Starglow Cavern. Inside the Secret Room you can get Luxury Chest and Crimson Agate.

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