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Some of the features that should be on the PS5

PS5 Features
PS5 Features

On November 12, the console gamers were made to yammer with the launch of the PS5. That’s natural, because the features provided on the PS5 are quite interesting. From a ui that’s comfortable to look at, to features on improving graphics quality. On the other hand, the PS5 has flaws in some features, even when compared to the PS4. Surely users want their dream console to be the best compared to others. Here are the Features that complement the PS5 to be even more perfect.

PS5 Console
PS5 Console

Stability Issues Improvement

Many users complain about crash issues stemming from the use of rest mode or external drives with PS4 games. Users continue to get database errors repeatedly when setting up their console for the first time. Surely No gamers like their games or console errors. So, hopefully Sony will solve this problem soon.

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Support For PS1 Games & PS2

PS5 has presented full features to play existing games on PS4. But unfortunately the PS5 doesn’t give gamers room to reminisce. Actually Sony Playstation has no reason why PS5 can not run PS1 & PS2 games. It would be better to let its users download classic games that have been purchased on the PlayStation Store for the PS3 generation.

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Quick Resume

Its competitor, Xbox Series, has a Quick Resume feature that allows players to keep some games open in temporary memory. It allows users to resume their game in seconds. Unfortunately Sony does not offer this feature on its latest consoles. It’s also a good idea for Sony to pay attention to creating a more practical system.

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Sony Playstation doesn’t feature folders like the PS4. Maybe the feature is eliminated because ps5 won’t save too many games. It is also based on ps5 which has limited storage compared to PS4. Sony should continue to provide these features to make it easier for users to organize their games.

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Theme Support

Another feature missing from ps4 is theme support. Some users certainly want to customize the PS5 menu so that it is not boring. Unfortunately it is not present on the PS5 for no apparent reason. It might be better if Sony brought that feature to the PS5 to prevent a boring display.

Library Search Feature

Its predecessor PS4 console provides a search feature to make it easy for users to find the game they want to play. Unfortunately the feature is not present on PS5. Maybe the feature isn’t displayed because users won’t save too many games. It is also related to the limited storage on the PS5. Sony needs to restore the feature to make it easier for users to search for games despite limited storage issues.

Every medium to play the game must have its own drawbacks, even the newly released PS5 needs a lot of advice and input from its users to be more perfect

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