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Best League of Legends: Wild Rift hero for beginner

League of legends wild rift

While league of legends veteran players won’t be troubled by most Champions when playing Wild Rift, there are quite a lot of new Wild Rift players who need adaptations – especially if they are new players in the MOBA genre. In addition to reading the guide and finding out more details of each Champion, choosing a simple Champion is also a must for beginners to do.

This way, players can learn well what’s in the game without having to deal with complicated mechanics. Here are 8 Champions or Heroes of League Of Legends: Wild Rift recommended for beginners.

League of legends wild rift banner
League of legends wild rift

Master Yi

Master Yi is arguably the most controllable Champion in the Wild Rift. His ability can easily help him dominate the mid-lane very easily.In addition, he can also finish off the entire enemy team by himself. Plus, if you increase your Ultimate skills to increase your speed of movement and attack, Master Yi could be more of a threat to his enemies.

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Lux is one of the best choices for players who like to use Mage or Support class champions. Champion’s skill can make him dominate the mid-lane easily, thanks to the huge damage from the magic effect produced. His Ultimate skill can drain the blood of an entire team of enemies in one attack. Therefore, Lux is an important asset for every team in the Wild Rift.


One of the most effective Tank or Support class champions in the Wild Rift is Braum. Champion with this earthquake body can produce tremendous damage in addition to being a shield for his teammates. His defensive skills can withstand all kinds of projectile attacks and his Ultimate skills, making enemy team members fly into the air, opening up opportunities for teammates to attack enemies more easily.


While Braum is the best Tank class champion for support roles, Garen is the best for fighter roles. Not only can he withstand enemy attacks, Garen can also inflict massive damage to enemies.

Xin Zhao

One of the favorite Champions of LoL players – Xin Zhao, offers a lot to players who use it. He can be one who directly takes part in fights against enemies or wanders around the map and takes a discreet approach. Plus, if the player can use his Ultimate skill correctly, the player can push the entire enemy team to the desired location.

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Able to be the main carry for the team, Annie is a classy Champion Mage who is able to inflict great damage to enemies. His Ultimate Skill summons a fiery giant bear that will finish off whoever is in front of him. The damage produced by this Champion is quite high, making it the right choice for those who do not want to wait too long alias interested to attack immediately from the beginning.


Ashe is a Champion given the Wild Rift at the beginning of the game and the selection is not without reason. This champion armed with an arrow has an excellent scope of attack. When a player uses his Ultimate skill – which calls a giant crystal arrow, the scope of the attack expands to the entire map. What’s more, players can control the direction or movement of the arrows launched.


As one of the easiest-to-master Champions in LoL, it’s no wonder that Nasus is also suitable for players in the Wild Rift. This Anubis-looking champion, resistant to slams, has considerable damage and becomes a frightening threat to the enemies. Nasus can make huge profits in the laning phase, with his Ultimate skill being able to improve all his stats and armor, in addition to inflicting damage on the enemies around him.

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