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Best heroes in League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of legends wild rift

With the mobile gaming industry growing rapidly in recent years, it was surprising to learn that one of the most popular MOBA games in the world, League of Legends, has just entered the mobile gaming market.

So like other MOBA games, not all heroes or Champions in Wild Rift can be categorized as the strongest. There are only a few that if used can dominate the game and give the player a greater chance of winning. Here are some of them.

League of legends wild rift banner
League of legends wild rift


Tryndamere is one of the most powerful Champions in the Wild Rift especially when used in Baron Lane. With a kit that can give him all the damage he needs, this bloodthirsty Champion can even get stronger when his phone is running low. Every hit Tryndamere makes increases his chances of getting a critical hit, and that makes him one of the Champions with the sickest damage, especially when combined with his first skill.


Although garen’s damage is relatively less damage than Tryndamere, we contain his utility spell, making him a mandatory Champion in the team. Garen packs his HP regeneration skills and one of his damage skills also serves to clean up all the debuff he gets. Starting from the first skill to the Ultimate, Garen belongs to one of the Champions with a skill whose attacks or damage never miss the enemy.

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Gragas is one of the best Champions in starting team fights because of his resilient nature and ability to control the crowd. His Ultimate Skill, Explosive Cask, can make the enemy team end up in a disadvantaged position and his Body Slam skill can help close the gap when the enemy tries to escape. Plus, Body Slam also gives a stun effect to the enemy, making it the perfect skill to gank.

Master Yi

Master Yi is arguably the reincarnation of the DC superhero Flash who can become a deadly Champion if the enemy is not careful. This passive skill from Champion allows him to collect stacks that can increase his auto-attack by 50 percent of his AD’s physical damage.

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As it develops, it can help Master Yi become a dangerous Champion at the end of the game. If that’s still lacking, Master Yi also has blink skills, which makes it seem difficult to stop.


Besides being one of the easiest to use by beginners, Lux is also one of the few most powerful Champions in the Wild Rift. Lux has a powerful skill in cleaning hordes of minions and Lucent Singularities skills that, if used at the right time, can significantly reduce the enemy team’s HP. Lux’s area of effect is quite large compared to other Champions at level 6, especially when it has a giant nuke that can reach other lanes when launched into the right angle.


In addition to his ability to bomb enemies, Ziggs is also a champion who is tough when pushing. His passive skill improves his basic attack statistics, which are accompanied by a series of destructive abilities to help pushing in any lane. In addition, if you see your enemies return to base, Ziggs can easily tear down the HP tower in half or even contribute directly to the team’s battles through ultimate skills that can be activated remotely.


Ezreal has a skill called Arcane Shift that makes him one of the most difficult champions to conquer in the Wild Rift and he can develop very well thanks to his kit to increase his attack speed. In addition to his blink ability, Ezreal is also a Champion type with abilities that require skillshot, to be able to produce damage that is not only effective but also maximal. Learning how to play Ezreal is very important, especially if you play solo a lot.


Blitzcrank is one of the oldest Champions in LoL and was one of the few names to first enter the Wild Rift. This champion continues to do his best thing, which is to attract enemies to his death. Blitzcrank is also one of the best support Champions in the game, with its instant hook ability and tanky nature that can open lanes for teammates. Plus, with the combination of Rocket Grabs and Power Fist, Blitzcrank can easily finish off enemies in level two.

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