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Apple is preparing a folding iPhone


Apple is planning the latest model of the iphone, which it says the latest model will make the screen on the iphone foldable. According to the information, Apple is preparing a prototype of the foldable iphone by ordering a number of prototype models to test the durability of its hinges. Apple wants to make sure that its hinges will be able to hold up to 100,000 times when opened and closed.

Usually as a comparison material when testing quality assurance on a laptop will involve a system tested for 20,000 to 30,000 to be opened and closed. Therefore it is not surprising that testing on smartphones is more rigorous because in fact the smartphone will be opened and closed several times in one day.

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According to information currently circulating, Apple is testing key components such as folding machine layers and pads to make the first folding iphone available as quickly as possible. If it goes smoothly and goes according to plan, then chances are we’ll be able to see a foldable iphone by the end of 2022 or around September 2022, along with the advent of the iphone 14.

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But don’t expect the iphone to fold because if the testing fails then it is certain that Apple will not continue to develop the product. In the past few years, apple designed a TV of their own brand but eventually they left because they didn’t find a way to differentiate their tv on the market.

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Little about the display for the foldable iphone, according to the information that the device will later consist of two separate display panels on the hinge with a stainless steel edge. Then later the device reportedly has no indentations but instead will incorporate a small notch that functions to accommodate various sensors such as Face ID.

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