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Ahri Item and Rune – League of Legends : Wild Rift


Ahri is one of the midlaners you must master. Because, Ahri’s game mechanics are very basic and must be mastered, such as skill-shot, mastery of last hit, or rotation of battles. Reflecting on these conditions, Ahri becomes one of the midlaner Heroes suitable for learning the basic mechanics of League of Legends : Wild Rift.

In addition, Ahri is also known as one of the Mage Heroes who has a very high level of Ability Power (AP). With one combination of skills, Ahri can easily beat and finish off enemy Heroes.

Ahri League of Legends : Wild Rift


Luden’s Echo

Luden’s Echo becomes the first must-have item for Ahri. The $3,000 item is capable of adding 80 Ability Power, 300 Mana, and 10 Haste Ability.

When the addition of these attributes becomes very important and can increase Ahri’s attack power very significantly. What’s more, Ahri can play quite aggressively, when he’s already riding Luden’s Echo in the mid-game phase.

In addition, Luden’s Echo also has a passive ability – Discordic Echo that can increase 100 Magic Damage and 10% Ability Power for Ahri’s next attack skill. With this ability, Ahri can maximize the accumulation of Magical Damage from his skill combination.

Unfortunately, Luden’s Echo is quite expensive as the first item. Therefore, you have to be able to master the last hit mechanism well enough or secure the kill and assist at the beginning of the game.

Awakened Soulstealer

Ahri desperately needs high sustainability when fighting to maximize the use of his skills. Reflecting on these conditions, Awakened Soulstealer can be the right second item choice for Ahri.

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The $2,500 item can provide an additional 65 Ability Power, 200 Mana, and 25 Haste Ability. The haste ability of Awakened Soulstealer is quite large and very influential in Ahri’s combat performance.

In addition, Awakened Soulstealer also has a passive ability – Soul Charge. This capability can provide an additional 3 Haste Ultima—15 Haste Ultimate. Haste Ultima upgrade can reduce the cooldown duration of the ultimate skill – Spirit Rush. Thus, Ahri can be more suistan to initiate the fight and play aggressively.

Ionian Protobelt

The right shoe item for Ahri is the Ionian Protobelt. The $1,500 item can be the third item to provide 40 speed of motion, 15 Haste Ability, and a 15% reduction in the duration of the cooldown skill.

In addition, Protobelt also has the active ability of dash. Ahri can rely on Protobelt to escape or initiate attacks when the ultimate skill – Spirit Rush is cooldown.

Besides Protobelt, Ionian Stasis ($1,800) is also suitable for use by Ahri. Stasis has an active ability that can make Ahri immune and unable to move and attack for 2.5 seconds. Usually, Stasis can help Ahri to make a break from enemy attacks. So, Ahri can have space to escape with the ultimate skill – Spirit Rush or Spell – Flash.

Rabadon’s Deathcap

Rabadon’s Deathcap becomes a mid-game item suitable for Ahri. In the fight, Ahri will get a lot of obstacles from Tank Heroes with high durability.

Luckily, Rabadon’s Deathcap can provide 130 Ability Power. With a high amount of increase, the accumulation of Magical Damage produced by Ahri will also increase very significantly.

Rabadon’s Deathcap also has a passive ability – Overkill. Such passive capability can increase total Ability Power by 40%. No wonder, if Ahri has a very high Magical Damage when already using Rabadon’s Deathcap.

Infinity Orb

Entering the late game, Ahri needs a little extra HP, because the durability level is very low. On the other hand, Ahri also still needs a significant increase in damage to face the enemy Heroes who are starting to be difficult to defeat. Therefore, Infinity Orb is one of the items suitable for Ahri in the late game phase.

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Infinity Orb can deliver 200 HP, 60 Ability Power, 5% motion speed, and 15% Magic Penetration. Hp’s upgrade will slightly help Ahri’s durability—in addition to escaping ability to escape enemy attacks. On the other hand, increased Ability Power and Magic Penetration can significantly increase Ahri’s attack power in the late game phase.

Infinity Orb also has a passive ability – Inevitable Demise that can give critical attacks (skill or hit) to enemies that have less than 35% HP. This passive ability can be maximized by Ahri who has a very high level of suistanbility.

Void Staff

Void Staff can be a closing item for Ahri. The $2800 item delivers 70 Ability Power and 40% Magic Penetration.

Magic Penetration achievement that can be given by Void Staff is quite high. With the increase in Magic Penetration, Ahri can increase his Magical Damage achievements towards the enemy very significantly.

With a relatively low price, Void Staff should be fairly easy to own by Ahri. Moreover, Ahri should be able to collect kill or assist achievements in the late game phase. However, Void Staff is not an item that can increase durability. Thus, Ahri must continue to play with great care to minimize the risk of death.


Rune Keystone: Electrocute

Electrocute is the right rune choice for Ahri. Because, Electrocute can give a huge damage bonus, when Ahri meyerang enemies three times in a row. Of course, the ability to attack the enemy continuously is not a problem for Ahri. Because, Ahri can maximize his skill combinations in sequence very easily.

Rune Domination: Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm can provide 2 Attack Damage and 4 Ability Power every two minutes. The upgrade really helps Ahri to face enemy Heroes in the late game phase. Because, Ahri has great potential to be one of the most terrible damage-dealer Heroes in late game.

Rune Resolve: Regeneration

Regeneration can regenerate 2% HP or Mana (based on lower percentage). Rune – Regeneration can provide a little durability and suistanbility for Ahri. As an alternative rune, Ahri can also use Hunter – Titan which can provide an additional 20 HP and 4% Tenacity to make Ahri thicker and harder to kill.

Rune Inspiration: Manaflow Band

Manaflow Band can increase the attack skill of Ahri. In addition, manaflow band can also give an additional 30-300 Mana to Ahri. As a consideration, Ahri is also suitable to use rune- Hunter Genius that can reduce the duration of cooldown skill every time Ahri manages to kill enemy Hero.

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