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7 Best Champions for push rank solo in League of Legend : Wild Rift

league of legend wild rift

Playing MOBA does not feel fierce if we do not try ranked system. There are times when we do not have playmates so we have to feel the difficulty of reaching the Ranked stairs alone. Moreover, for new games like League of Legend: Wild Rift which is very competitive to have 10 Tier in the competitive system in it.

Well, if you’re Solo Ranked fighters, there are some notes you can’t pay attention to. It’s primarily about using Champions that can make you win games. Some of these Champions are very easy to use alone and can shine easily to ensure your victory.

League of Legend : Wild Rift Banner
League of Legend : Wild Rift Banner


Unlike other Support-type Champions, Seraphine has a variety of abilities that make it easy to shine. Whether it’s to give shield, heal, to harrasment and crowd control owned by this new Champion. Besides being able to support ADC in support line, you can also bring it in the middle lane, no one fills in.


Although it is planned to get a series of nerf, Ezreal is one of the most effective ADC in Wild Rift. Because, in the mobile version, it is very easy to use this Champion because his Mystic Shot can lock the target automatically. Moreover, Ezreal has high mobility and can run away from the gempuran if it is very threatened.

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Xin Zhao

Not to be denied, Xin Zhao is one of the best Fighters in the release of LoL: Wild Rift. This champion can be used in Baron Lane or jungle depending on the needs. On paper, Xin can defeat each of his opponents if his players can calculate the chances of fighting. Heading into the late game, if the lead was far enough Xin Zhao could ensure victory easily.


Nasus is one of the free Champions that you can collect to level 10. Naturally, Nasus is very strong as a user of Baron’s path because he can collect stack damage from his first ability. If you play solo, you can focus on building your skills first and lead the fight as a Tank towards the end of the game.


One of the things that makes Olaf so dangerous is his Ultimate which allows this Champion to survive crowd control for a long time. In fact, he gets additional damage as well as high movement speed. This champion can be used freely in Baron or Jungle lines that are not much of a teamfight at the beginning of the game.

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Lux is one of the best Support in the game. Because, this Champion has the ability to root and damage high with the Ultimate named Final Spark. Lux can also be used as a midlaner if you are entrusted by other team members. Meanwhile, those of you who use Lux as Support must keep the game phase from feeding much.


With a large body, Malphite performs as a very powerful tank. This champion can be used as Support, Offlaner, even jungler. In addition to being a Tank, Malphite can be used first to develop items and higher levels. With each Ultimate ready, it can be used to transform teamfights where Malphite can dash and stun with great range.

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