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Genshin Impact Tips : 5 Secret Quests in Liyue

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

For Genshin Impact players, Adventure EXP is one of the most important elements. Because, experience points are needed to level up the account so that players can continue the main quest series and develop their character.

Usually, after Adventure Rank level 30, it is very difficult to get additional EXP from the main quest or a completed side quest. But, it turns out that there are some hidden World Quests in Liyue and the adventure exp addition is very decent.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

And This Treasure Goes to….

You can get this quest in the Lingju Pass area west of Liyue. Later, you’ll have to find an NPCs named Alrani trapped in the western part of the temple. After opening the prison, Alrani will reveal that there are hidden treasures in the area.

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The location of this treasure is quite easy, which is buried in the middle of Lingju Pass, precisely under a large tree south of the pond. There are only a few Treasure Hunters who guard their treasures and are easy to beat. Don’t forget to solve puzzles in this area too, because there are three Precious Chests that you can get, you know.

The Chi of Guyun

Quest series titled The Chi of Guyun is quite long. That said, you’ll get a lot of Adventure EXP and chest additions that are very valuable. You can start this quest by meeting an NPC named Yan’Er near wuwang hill area.

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Later, Chi of Guyun will focus on the story of monsters guarded by ancient powers in Liyue. You will be asked to destroy the evil forces in Wuwang Hill with a series of easy-to-follow puzzles. Later, we will also be told to meet Grandma Ruoxin at Qingce Village and she will place the last temple of Chi of Guyun in the Northwestern part of Qingce Village.

Trails in Tianqiu

There are three temples standing in tianqiu valley. Later, these three temples will hold challenges for the players, including giving quests titled Trails in Tianqiu in the middle of the hall. This quest is very easy and players only need to unlock in the middle of the hall that can be obtained at the top of each temple.

These three types of temples in tianqiu valley contain Combat challenges, time challenges to climb temples, up to three floors containing quite complicated puzzles. More or less, one of the easy conditions for this quest to be completed quickly is to bring Geo-type Main Character as well as fire element characters to solve the puzzle.

Treasure Lost, Treasure Found

The fourth quest, Treasure Lost, Treasure Found can be the most unique and difficult to complete. You can get this quest in the southern part of Guili Plans, precisely from an NPCs named Soraya. Later, you’ll have to help the archaeologist uncover the existence of hidden treasures in the area.

At first, you have to read 5 inscriptions near Soraya. After that, you’ll need to find four Jade Stones scattered around the guili plans coast. It’s easy to find if you can see the shape of an angle-like building on the map. Later, you will be directed to the Final Ruins located near the small lake at the temple near the first quest we get.

Nine Pillars of Peace

Finally, you can collect nine Stone of Remembrance when you collect all the Geoculus in liyue. These nine artefacts can be used to open a large temple in Cuijoe Slope. Completing this quest can get you the first Legendary Artifact in the shape of a flower.

One of the things you have to prepare is a mental and very strong team to finish off the Ruin Guard and Ruin Hunter inside this temple. Later, you will be faced with the monster that has gained additional strength. Prepare your team with element reactions to beat them easily.

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