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5 New Yordle Champion in League of Legends : Wild Rift

Teemo League of Legends Wild Rift
Teemo League of Legends Wild Rift

Following the update from the first season in League of Legends: Wild Rift, there are 5 new Champions to be presented. They are the Famous Champions of Bandle City. All five will be interesting options with a variety of unique abilities.

Besides Teemo being the main star, there are four Champions who are highly awaited. One of them you can take for free if you manage to complete the series of events that are now underway.

Teemo League of Legends: Wild Rift
Teemo League of Legends: Wild Rift


Lulu is a unique Support. Together with the fairy who becomes her sidekick, Pix, Lulu can give damage to give a lot of unique buffs to team members. His ultimate is even very useful to provide additional Health and make one team member appear big and terrible.

As an accomplished Support, Lulu can fire Pix at enemies or instead stick it with team members. Each time you release a buff, Pix will attack and damage your enemies. This character can be the best Support on dragon line during the game.


A bit like the Gyrocopter in Dota 2, Gorki has a small helicopter vehicle that lets him fly. Corki is one of the ADC that can provide physical or magical damage big enough with its ability. Corki can also dash to avoid ganking with his abilities and give the effect of damage from the traces he left behind.

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On the other hand, Ultimate Corki makes it very deadly. His Missile Barrage can be fired many times and has considerable damage from the fourth bullet he emits. The cooldown is quite short even though later this skill is arranged by ammunition. So, you have to pay attention to Corki’s ammo and skills while using them in combat.


Tristana is known as Jordan’s munitions expert. With her big cannon, Tristana can give you a hit with massive damage. Over time, Tristana’s passive ability will make her able to attack further as well as get a stronger knockback effect. In this way, Tristana is a marksman who can be used on the midlane line.

Tristana also has a unique ability to leap towards the enemy. Later, each kill can make him do Leap again. This skill is very useful for chasing enemies or even running away from the scourge of ganking. Therefore, Tristana can be the best MM choice in LoL: Wild Rift.


Being part of Ionian, Kennen was fostered into a Ninja. Despite his small stature, Kennen has many deadly tactics with lightning type. Kennen’s passive ability can make him stun easily every time he emits electricity four times in the direction of the enemy.

Kennen seems to be the favorite on the midlaner. Because, controlling this Champion in Wild Rift can be easier with the original version on PC. Kennen’s abilities can be locked easily without having to be complicated directing. As a midlaner, Kennen can shine in 1on1 fights or even teamfights with multiple enemies at once.


Teemo has long been an interesting icon in the League of Legends universe. As captain in Scout Bandle City, Teemo has a chopstick gun to shoot unique poison darts. However, Teemo is known as the most fun character because his Ultimate can make him plant mushrooms that function like mines.

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Despite playing marksman, Teemo is more suitable to be used in Baron Lane to duel with other Offlaner. Teemo can easily avoid ganking because it has a dash and can appear Invisible if standing for a few seconds. Entering the mid-game the presence of mushrooms is guaranteed to make enemies run away.

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