5 Negative impact of force shutdown on laptops

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In turning off the laptop should follow the existing procedure that is through windows then shutdown. But most people still often do force shutdown especially if the laptop has a hang or slowly. In the event of a hang or limp The quickest step is to force shutdown and expect to be normal again when the laptop is restarted. In fact, doing force shutdown on a laptop can have a bad impact let alone too often do force shutdown. Here are some of the adverse effects of shutdown on laptops:

Laptop registration becomes chaotic

When performing a force shutdown then the running system will stop the work process and some procedures that should be possible if using normal shutdown can not be performed. Therefore when we restart the system then the system will run the system again from the beginning and the working process on the previous system is not re-run which ultimately affects the registration process on the components and software that is in the system. The registration will be chaotic and will affect the course of the component or software when it will be used.

Laptop Circuit
Laptop Circuit

Bad sector on hard disk

On the hard disk there is a disc that will rotate quickly while the hard disk is running. The disc is a function for data storage on our laptops. If we perform the shutdown procedure correctly then the disc on the hard disk will slowly stop and stop the working process. But if we perform a force shutdown then the disc on the hard disk that is spinning fast then it will immediately stop without doing the process first. This can make the hard disk a bad sector and damage the data that we store in it.

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Increase load in RAM

RAM is a temporary memory to store the work we are working on on a laptop. So if we perform the shutdown procedure correctly what RAM will do is empty the memory of the work we have done on the laptop. But if we do a force shutdown then the memory of the work we are doing is still stuck in ram, so by the time we turn the laptop back on then ram will be heavier in processing our work.

Power supply problem

Power supply is an important component because of its function to supply electricity on our laptops. If we do the process of foce shutdown on our laptop then the power flow will arrive – suddenly disconnected and there can be a conslet and cause the power supply on our laptop to be problematic, especially if doing a force shutdown at the time the laptop is charging.

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Damaging the Processor

The processor as the brain on our laptop will stop the process slowly and heatsink will cool the processor if we perform the shutdown procedure correctly. But if we force shutdown then all processes carried out by the processor will be stopped instantly as well as heatsink that should do the cooling process will stop instantly so that the processor is still in a hot state when it is turned off and will be murky the components inside.

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