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5 Effective tips to level up in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Tips

Games with single player mode and open world theme with a very wide world will certainly provide a very wide experience for the players. Genshin impact is a game by Mihoyo, the same studio that released Honkai impact is a game that is currently popular among gamers. With a world of open world called Tevyat with stunning graphics will surely make the players curious to explore it.

With some interesting features in genshin impact surely the players do not want to immediately raise the level of their character in order to explore the world of Tevyat even deeper. This time we’ll share 5 tips to make us more effective in leveling up.

1. Run World Quest

Genshin Impact World Quest

World quest is a side quest in addition to the main quest in genshin impact. World quest itself besides can be obtained in the city can also be in the open world. For word quests with exp that many are usually obtained in the city or in the resting place. As for the world quests that exist in the open world, exp is obtained quite a bit.

A world quest that generates a lot of exp is found around liyue city. Here players can run pegi-like quests into ruins, completing puzzles and other quests.

2. Spend all resin

Genshin Impact Resin

In genshin impact there is a resin system called. This resin system actually prevents genshin impact players from grinding. Every 20 resins spent visiting domains or eradicating monsters we will get 100 exp.

In order for us to get the maximum exp adventure then we must always spend the resin after playing, because later every 4 hours 20 minutes the resin will be refreshed as much as 120 resins.

3. Collect all the oculus that appears

Statue of the seven

Maybe there are still a lot of players who don’t know the functionality of Oculus. Oculus is an item that we will later present to the statue of the seven named Anemoculus which is located in Mondstadt or Gesoculus in Liyue. With us giving oculus to the statue of the seven then we will get additional status, items and also exp a lot..

Actually collecting oculus and giving it to the statue of the seven is very important, karen at the time in liyue we will get a quest to give the stone and the stone obtained after we present the oculus to the statue of the seven.

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4. Work on all the points in the adventure handbook

Genshin Impact Adventure Handbook

Adventure Handbook is a book that contains the progress of the player while on an adventure in the world of Tevyat. In adventure handbook there are 4 tabs, namely Experience, Commissions, Domains and Bosses.

In the experience tab there are several tasks that we have to complete, most of these tasks are usually completed sambal we adventure in the outside world. When we’ve completed all the existing tasks then we’ll get a pretty big exp.

5. Open chest as much as possible in the outside world

Genshin Impact treasure Chest

Maybe the exp obtained in the chest is not much but the chest that we open in the outside world can spawn or reappear over time although not all chests can spawn.

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