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5 Adventure games that give a calm effect

Calm Games
Calm Games

In most games that have adventure genres usually give complex challenge and quest effects. But playing too long games with too many quests and complex will make us more saturated in completing them.

Therefore, there are several adventure games that provide a calm effect for those who play them and are suitable for those of you who are already saturated playing games with complex quests.

Abzu Game
Abzu Game


Since its release in 2016, Journey has become one of the most influential indie game releases. The game manages to change the pattern of the game more quietly without requiring players to defeat many enemies. With impressive graphics and colors, this game makes the adventure in it very relaxing.

Journey offers a unique exploration where the puzzle feed inside is highly interactive. This game can tell stories through the journey without having to bring dialogue. Added with ambient music that is very touching, you are guaranteed to get carried away when playing this game.

Monument Valley

Now if you don’t have a console, you can experience games with calming ambient on mobile like Monument Valley. Almost similar to Journey, this game offers a puzzle-filled adventure game nuance wrapped in colorful graphics.

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This game brings a level format in the form of puzzles that will test your intuition. With its thick geometric building patterns, you have to find the best way to complete each level. Each level is always a new mechanic and makes you have to keep turning your brain.


The sea is certainly an escape for many people for the holidays. In Abzu, you will be offered a very calming sea adventure gameplay. Here, you can search for hidden buildings under the sea until you uncover the secrets of life.

On several occasions, this game feels very fun at the beginning of the game. But you can also be tense when you colonize a dark ocean that looks very dangerous. It’s very touchable when you can sail the vast ocean and direct your character to all corners of the ocean in this game.


From its nuances, Rime carries a very thick Ancient Greek setting. You’re going to play Enu, the boy who wants to unravel the great miracle. As you go along, Enu will meet many ancient creatures and make friends with many mythological characters.

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Although it seems simple, Rime has a very wide game setting and you can finish the game with a short travel time. Guaranteed, deh, the few hours you spend in this game will be very memorable.

Sky: Children of the Light

Finally, there is a new mobile game that is quite memorable and very similar to the release above. Titled Sky: Children of the Light, this game brings a multiplayer element in its vast exploration. Players can meet friends and go on an adventure together.

This game also has interesting interactions where you can hold hands and fly with your friends’ characters. It’s really suitable, yes, if you have a girlfriend and want to go on an adventure together in the world of video games that are very memorable.

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