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5 Best Android Dating Simulation Games

Best Dating Simulation
Best Dating Simulation

For you single, there are several dating simulation games that can accompany you at any time and anytime. Here’s a series of games for you lonely heart owners to be able to have a virtual girlfriend.

BTS World

Who doesn’t know BTS, a South Korean boy band that has caught the attention of music lovers in the world. Behind the figure of the seven members who are able to pamper the eves, Netmarble released a game that can bring “Army” (a nickname for BTS fans) named BTS World to bring fans closer to their beloved members.

BTS World Banner
BTS World Banner

In BTS World which is a story-based dating simulation game, you will be invited to the past where BTS has not been formed. You will be assigned as managers and carry out the task of making this boy group a superstar.

In BTS World, the Army will be spoiled with fantasy because they can interact with the members. Not only the phone, BTS members will make a video call, with a note of having to complete the mission first.

Dream Girlfriend

There are many ways for single people to spend their time, such as playing games. Maybe, you’ll get bored playing those games and want to have a girlfriend. Well, Ambition gives you a way out by releasing a dating simulation game for you singles.

Dream Girlfriend Banner
Dream Girlfriend Banner

Later, you will get a girlfriend by buying an android. Your job is to teach the boyfriend who doesn’t understand anything, from finding a job and of course asking him out on a date.

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In Dream Girlfriend, you can make your girlfriend according to the criteria. Because, not only can you determine the appearance, you can also shape the personality of the girlfriend.

The higher the character level, the more perfect boyfriend you can have.

Mystic Messenger

The presence of korean drama series that is now booming may make some girls want to have a girlfriend oppa-oppa. For girls, Mystic Messenger seems to make you realize your dream of dating Korean guys. Not just one, but there are six oppa ready to take yours.

Mystic Messenger Banner
Mystic Messenger Banner

This game by Cheritz Korea can make you have a conversation with someone like having a girlfriend. The six characters in Mystic Messenger have different personalities.

When interacting, both phone and chat, you can specify the theme you want. However, you’ll still adjust to your chosen character. Not only that, these oppa-oppa will make a video call.

Wannabe Challenge

Wannabe Challenge is a new game from Com2us that can be one of the ways you spend time with a virtual girlfriend. In this game, you will play the main character of a girl who aspires to be a socialite.

Wannabe Challenge Banner
Wannabe Challenge Banner

To complete the mission that can realize your goals, you will be accompanied by four handsome guys. This game also has an original storyline and characters that can make the eves enjoy the storyline.

Love Story: Highschool Romance

Not to be denied, the story of romance in high school is often a sweet memory that is worth remembering. The local developer, Falcon, will invite you to go back to the romance of high school.

Love Story Highschool Romance
Love Story Highschool Romance

Later, you will play the main character of a boy who becomes a transfer student from Kalimantan. Not only will you have many friends, you will also face a love story with a fun story.

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