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5 Apps tackle smartphone overheating while playing games

Smartphone Overheating
Smoke effect on smart phone edge screen

In playing games with smartphones surely we do not want to be bothered by other things one of them is the hot temperature that appears on our smartphones when we take too long to use it to play games.

With the appearance of hot temperatures, we must be less comfortable in playing games because it interferes with our hands holding the body of the smartphone. In addition to interfering, the appearance of hot temperatures also results in our smartphones becoming a bit slow in playing the game and in the end the games we play become lag.

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For that, here are 5 apps available to overcome our smartphones to get hot quickly while playing games.

1. Cooler Master – Clean Booster

Cooler Master

As the name suggests, this cooler master – clean booster app can be used to cope with our fast hot smartphones while playing games.

The way this app works is it will monitor the temperature of our smartphone that we are using to play the game, then if it is too hot we can re-normalize the temperature by using this app. Coolermaster app – clean booster will turn off other annoying apps and make our smartphones quickly hot.

Cooler master – clean booster app is quite light, only has a capacity of 3.9MB and can be downloaded on playstore or app store. In addition to being useful to normalize the temperature of smartphones this palikasi can also serve as a junk cleaner so that the memory capacity of our smartphone is not full of files – files that are not used.

2. CPU Cooler

CPU Cooler

This app is claimed to be able to match the temperature of our smartphone and keep it stable. This application called CPU Cooler is able to stabilize the temperature of our smartphones that overheat while playing games in a professional way.

CPU Cooler has a pretty interesting feature, which is that when our smartphone is feeling hot enough then the app will warn us to stabilize it immediately.

3. GO Speed

Go Speed

Go Speed app is one of the apps worth considering to stabilize the temperature of our smartphones that overheat while playing games. This app has a memory boost feature that is useful to free up our smartphone memory so that our smartphone becomes lighter and not easily hot when used to play games.

In addition, this app also has a junk cleaner feature, to clear the cache from apps that have been run on our smartphones so that the performance of our smartphones is not slow.

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4. Super Cleaner

Super Cleaner

The next app is Super Cleaner. This app has an interesting feature that is that the app will stabilize the temperature of the smartphone by turning off other apps that cause the temperature of the smartphone to get hotter with just a tap. Interesting features that make it easy for us to use them.

In addition to the one tap feature, the super cleaner app also has other features that are quite complete such as junk files cleaner, cache files cleaner, security & antivirus, phone booster, security app lock, game booster, notification cleaner & manager and storage optimizer & cleaner.

5. Clean Master

Clean Master

This application is definitely not asiing anymore for us that is clean master application. This app is a pretty popular app to stabilize the temperature on our smartphones. One of its features is CPU Cooler which serves to stop apps that can make our smartphones heat up quickly automatically.

In addition, clean master also has the feature to use smartphone memory from the cache of applications that have been run on our smartphones. In addition, there is also a Battery Saver feature that can optimize our smartphone usage into battery saving mode.

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